The Efficacy of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for being HIV Free

October 7, 2015


We, at HIV Advocates, are one with the many in rejoicing once we hear scientific developments and studies that bring good news for the treatment of HIV infections. It is our dream that more people will have access to effective medications and other treatment options in order to lessen the burden of such health problem. With this, we were elated to know that an insurer from San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, reiterated that out of its 657 clients who have taken pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), none of them have been infected over a period of 2 years, which means that they have been HIV-free.


The findings of the San Francisco-based insurer, however, were in contradiction with earlier studies. According to its critics, PrEP will result into the usage of less condom, and hence, will increase the likelihood of being able to acquire HIV infections. To shed light into this confusion, take a look at the study that has been published at the Clinical Infectious Diseases. Based on the research, gay men from San Francisco who have been given PrEP used fewer condoms and has resulted into venereal diseases. However, none of them have acquired HIV. These venereal disease can be cured with the use of antibiotics.


According to Dr. Jonathan E. Volk, the lead author of the study, the findings of the research are very reassuring. It shows that PrEP will be effective even in high-risk populations. Although this may not be a study that is as scientifically-robust as a randomized trial where a placebo is given to the subjects, it involves a large number of men as a trial population. This in itself already gives us a good reason to believe its findings. At HIV Advocates, we choose to be positive and take this as a welcoming development in the incessant quest towards finding a way to deal with HIV.


Being a gay-friendly city, sexual activity amongst gay men in San Francisco is high. With the PrEP, as it has been proven in the study, the HIV epidemic can be effectively dealt with. Even if the participants have shown decrease usage of condom and even if they have had multiple sex partners, PrEP has still demonstrated its high level of effectiveness in fighting infection.


With all of these things being said, in spite of some criticisms from people or groups who do not support the findings of the study, we are very happy to hear that PrEP is presenting a viable solution to the problem of HIV. At HIV Advocates, like many of you, we are always happy to be hearing this kind of news and we keep on hoping that further developments will be carried on to find the best solutions that are available.


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Holiday Gift Ideas: Go Green with Bamboa Home, Steiff and Nao by Lladro Collections from Le Luxury, Holiday Greeting Cards From Mediative Hong Kong and Celebrate this Year’s Corporate Event at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong

October 6, 2015


Go Green and Win with Bamboo Products from Bamboa Home

Climate change is no joke. More and more natural disasters are hitting different parts of the world yearly. When it’s cold, it’s too cold. When it’s warm, it’s just too hot. Because of this, more and more businesses and individuals make an effort in going green. We are here to help you out in finding ways to have a more eco-friendly world. With Bamboa Home products made of bamboo, you can take pride in knowing that you are helping beat climate change, and you are also supporting the rural industry.  We’d love you to try out Bamboa Home products and to introduce you to some of our bestselling products, the Fibra Collection, we are holding a promo that you must definitely choice. If you happen to spot the minibus that shows our advertisement, take a photo right away. This minibus travels from Kennedy Town to Chai Wan. Once you’ve taken a photo, take it to our PMQ Store and receive a special Bamboa Home gift valued at 600HKD!



Explore the Beauty of Steiff Collections and Nao by Lladro for Christmas Gift

At some point or another, you may have found yourself stuck for gift options. It does not really matter who you are, the actual move of going out and purchasing a gift for a special person may at times leave you clueless while standing there, with no idea what to choose and where to go. The good news is that, with today’s technology, you can take advantage in exploring the beauty of Steiff Collections and Nao by Lladro at our shop at Le Luxury as your options for Christmas gifts.

The Better Option


True, at times, you may feel that purchasing a gift can be an easy task. After all, you only need to stroll into the closest shop, purchase a stuff toy, and you’re off to the party. However, if you are really taking into consideration the happiness of the recipient, it is very important o choose the best possible options available.



Celebrate your Corporate Event at Sideways Driving Club. We Provide the Ambiance, You Provide the People


At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, the atmosphere is fast paced and electric, perfect for anyone looking for an escape from the everyday grind. We have 15 race car simulators that provide drivers of all skills with the experience and thrill of high speed racing at an affordable price. Our club is perfect for after work gatherings, birthday parties, and any other events that can benefit from a fuel-injection of fun.


Parties of all sizes, from five to 45 will have a blast racing, eating, and drinking together. The party planners at Sideways Driving Club will facilitate the event from start to finish, beginning with qualifying runs, and finishing with a championship race. Co-workers and friends will go head to head to see who is the fastest on the track, all in the spirit of fun!
11667364_604197826349814_6035575342196211682_n.jpg-oh=a36fac7af6207014a555cd1a400aa6e4&oe=5696EF68&__gda__=1452266722_8df3ea5dee95d8d94eba19199a3ad073Mediative Hong Kong will Put Your Family’s Best Smile Forward This Holiday Season


It goes without saying that Mediative Hong Kong believes that all people are created equally. Unfortunately, we also know that all family portraits are not created equally. With the holiday season coming up quickly, this is the time of year to dress the family up to take a greeting card photo that your friends and family will love.


A holiday greeting card may be the only way for distant relatives and friends to see your family as it changes every year. With that in mind, greeting card family portraits should present the best representation of your family that is possible. Mediative Hong Kong strives to create original and beautiful portraits that show the various personalities that make up your family.




Make Your Maternity Portraits Glow, Belly and All with Mediative Hong Kong

October 5, 2015


Becoming a new mother is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking times in a woman’s life. There are stresses involved but each pregnancy is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your baby. Mediative Hong Kong knows this, which is why we want to help you immortalize your pregnancy with fabulous maternity portraits.



  Between the hormones, doctor appointments, and overbearing family members, pregnancy can be a hectic time for mothers. But when you come in for a photoshoot at Mediative Hong Kong, we will do our very best to quell your worries so that you can relax for your portraits. Our experienced group of maternity photo specialists will help you through the entire process, from planning a shoot to recommending clothing to snapping the best photos of you and your growing baby.


Before the shoot, we will discuss your goals and preferences with you so that your maternity portraits will be uniquely yours. We encourage mothers to think about their photos beforehand and incorporate meaningful objects like ultrasounds and baby shoes. In addition, Mediative Hong Kong’s tips and tricks like moisturizing bare skin beforehand ensures that your maternity portraits will be stunning.


Whether you are on your first pregnancy or your third, Mediative Hong Kong will take maternity portraits that enshrine your pregnancy forever. Imagine showing your toddler pictures of them before they were born! The only way to give them that experience is with a maternity photoshoot so inquire with the experts at Mediative Hong Kong to immortalize your family as it grows.


Contact the team now for consultation. Call Natalia Segura at mobile: +852 902 12 859 or send e-mail to


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Sundance Asia 4 and You’ll Be Partying to Support the Community Work of The HIV Foundation Thailand and B-Change Foundation

October 5, 2015


Have you ever considered supporting a worthy cause? Why not participate in an event, which will allow you to party, and at the same time support a cause? This possibility can happen if you purchase tickets for the Sundance Asia 4. Proceeds of this event will go to the community work of the HIV Foundation Thailand and B-Change Foundation, an event organized by the HIV Advocates.


Sundance Asia Festival


The HIV Advocates have set this event to happen on Thursday, December 31, 2015, at 9:00 pm in Bangkok, Thailand. Selling of the tickets will end on October 15, 2015, so you definitely have enough time to get your tickets for this wonderful cause. Of course, you can also expect to enjoy everything that this event has to offer.


The Sundance Asia Festival is considered as one of the biggest dance parties in this part of the world. Every year, this event attracts the attention of thousands of guys from different areas all over the world in order to enjoy this event in Bangkok. This event is also the highlight of the gay calendar in Thailand and is also the best way to celebrate the start of the New Year. Every New Year’s Eve, guys from different areas of the world gather to the ballroom at Sofitel Bangkok starting at 10 pm. There, the hottest Go Go dancers as well as international DJs dance together in an amazing light show, making this event a great way to end the year and welcome the new one.


A follow-up party happens on the 3rd of January. After a day of relaxation and rest, you can head out to attend the fabulous pool party at the Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel’s Mosaic Pool & Bar at DoubleTree starting at 2 pm to 9 pm. This event also features the hottest international DJs. The proceeds of this event will be distributed by the HIV Advocates and will support the community work of the HIV Foundation Thailand and B-Change Foundation.


It is very rare to be given the opportunity to attend an event for enjoyment, and at the same time be able to support a worthy cause. The Sundance Asia 4 is not just any event. As a matter of fact, it is the largest one in Asia to attract thousands of guys all over the world for this wonderful dance party, which ends the year and welcomes the new one. By getting your tickets now, you are not just assured of a slot, but you can also make sure that you will be ending this year right!


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Primasia’s Employment and Compliance Services in Hong Kong

October 5, 2015


Investing in a foreign country comes with new requirements the investor must comply with as per the regulations and laws in force. As an investor, all these regulations and laws can be somewhat complicated and unfamiliar, posing challenges to swift investment. Hong Kong is one of Asia’s prime investment destinations and investors looking to enter the market here must comply with a host of regulations including employment related laws. Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong is here to help you with employment and compliance issues. Employment compliance is usually complicated in any country and requires handling by experienced professionals who understand the ins and outs of the local processes and regulations; we are your local expert.


Below we will elaborate more on the different services we provide on employment and compliance to ensure that your staff recruitment drive is in line with enforced laws and regulations.


Employment Assistance


Every new entity requires competent staff to become successful. To ensure that you have the best staff under legally acceptable employment terms, we provide advice and guidance on a number of important issues. First and foremost we advise our clients on the regulations relating to employment of new staff as well as the best and legally acceptable contractual terms to be used. We also offer advice on staff disciplinary issues as well as any termination payments involved. Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong also offers services related to payroll and compliance with Hong Kong’s Provident Fund.




In any jurisdiction, employment comes with a host of compliance issues; this is the same in Hong Kong. At Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong, we offer our clients advice on employment compliance issues such as the relevant reporting obligations. Our team can handle the necessary employment returns on a yearly basis. Complying with the Mandatory Provident Fund is essential; we can calculate the necessary contributions and prepare MPF returns. Additionally, we can handle all payments on behalf of the client under our treasury services.


Visa Services


As an investor in a foreign country, you will have to apply for different types of visas for any foreign employees and yourself the investor. We have the necessary expertise to applications for all types of visas on your behalf. We have at the ready, pro forma documents that the Immigration Department in Hong Kong may demand with the visa applications to make the process swift and smooth. We can represent you in all dealings with the Immigration Department looping you in whenever necessary to ensure that you continue focusing on other important aspects of your investment. It is important to note however that we cannot guarantee the approval of any applications for obvious reasons.


At Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong, we are geared at providing investors with the necessary assistance and advice on employment and compliance issues at the most competitive rates.


Call Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong now. Call +852 2882 2088 for appointments and further inquiries or send email to You can also visit Primasia Hong Kong at Suite 1106-8, 11/F., Tai Yau Building,181 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


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The Amazing Facts about Bamboo Plant and the Eco-friendly Bamboo Products

October 5, 2015


Typically, bamboo is the most useful plant material in the world. Furthermore, bamboo plant has the fastest growing rate and subsequently, it releases 30% more oxygen than the other tree species. The bottom line is that bamboo plant has numerous benefits, and it is an essential tool to help us combat the global warming threat. Importantly, Bamboa Home have taken the challenge and decided to promote the utility of bamboo plant in creative ways. Did you know that you could look cool in Booshades? Probably not, but now you know.  

Amazing Facts


Probably, you have never given much thought about the various uses of bamboo plant. However, there are special facts about this plant that will amaze you. Bamboo spreads across many cultures, and every culture regard the plant differently. For instance, in China, bamboo plant is a sign of fertility – Probably because of its capacity to grow fast in poor soil.  In India, bamboo is a symbol of friendship. We have embraced the uses both in traditional and modern context, and we have come up with creative uses of this amazing plant.


Bamboo Products


We have a wide range of bamboo products, and you can use bamboo plant in every part of your household. You can have amazing kitchen utensils, furniture in your living room, kids’ cloths and sunglasses. Indeed, the list is endless, we have an amazing collection of bamboo products, and we will explain just a few and get you started.  




Bamboo Blankets and Sheets


Yes, you read that right Bamboo blankets and sheets. Bamboo plant has numerous uses. Its uses transcend making wooden products. We make amazing products made from bamboo fabric. Bamboo blanket is soft to the skin, and it is very comfortable and warm to sleep in. In fact, bamboo fabric is a better absorbent than cotton. In addition, bamboo products last longer than other materials.  


Kitchen and Dining Items


Since we are working towards a greener earth, you can use these items made from bamboo because the plant grows at an amazing rate. We have many varieties of bowls and trays, which come in different colors. In addition, we have dining ware made from bamboo and Tea and coffee cups. We have different kids set for both boys and girls. You will be amazed to find that these products are so cute; you will not notice they are bamboo products.




We never cease to amaze you with our creative products. We have shades made from bamboo. Not the frames, but the entire pair of shades is bamboo. We have incorporated style in our quest for a greener earth. The shades are light in weight, and they have polycarbonate lenses. We have different varieties of the Booshades available at our website.


Visit our store: S304, Tower A, 35 Aberdeen Street (PMQ) Central, Hong Kong


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September Celebrations! Have your Kids Party and your Birthdays at Bamboa Home, Isofit and Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong. Great Gift Ideas at Le Luxury

September 23, 2015



Bamboa Home for your Birthday Party Needs

Bamboa Home hosts what is known as the “Paint Bamboo” Workshop. Not only will the friendly team at Bamboa Home be teaching your little ones about trees and flower names in English, but they will also educate them, using a “learning by play” technique on some general knowledge on ecology and its role in everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Bamboa Home and book a Birthday Party where you have an opportunity to instil in your child the knowledge to contribute to environmental sustainability in everyday life. Make it your mission, as a family, to GO GREEN by choosing Bamboa Home.

11144470_962976893724620_2379411502459819575_n.jpg-oh=b9aece6f02ab92d620ed2a1ea8ec4e56&oe=56812A72Experience the Thrill of Racing on Virtual Tracks at Sideways Driving Club


Addicted to your Xbox or Play station? If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of a real racing event through a virtual world then here is your chance. It is time to experience the world of racing for real on the best simulators of the world giving you a far better experience than your Xbox or Play station! Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, a virtual racing centre in Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to live your dreams and enter the track of virtual racing with both amateur and experienced racers. Open events for everyone are organised at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong all year long.

11745952_10154041435094867_8783531840859037748_n.jpg-oh=7ebd3b27b3b091afc5c1aaa3cedb1fc6&oe=56752BCEFive Reasons Why You Should Get a Pandora from Le Luxury


You now have a chance to sweep her off her feet with Pandora. It is your ultimate solution to all her needs; you do not have to look any further. If you have a bad record of choosing awful gifts, Pandora now offers you a chance to redeem yourself. You will have a chance to present to her a perfect gift that will make her forgive you for all the times you got it wrong. Moreover, if you are trying to make it up for something you did wrong, like forgetting your anniversary or forgetting her birthday, go the Pandora way. Here are five reasons why should choose to get Pandora jewellery from Le Luxury.




Meet the Team – Isofit Hong Kong

Physio Fit believes in the concept of healing through movement, this is something that sets them apart from the want to be competitors.

The team at Iso Fit has one aim which is for you to be able to identify the root of the problem which caused your injury, then after several sessions of treatment, finally this root area will become an area of strength, yet again. Once again you will be integrated into your fitness environment by feeling that you have regained the freedom of being fully functional and physically fit.

The high quality of instruction and treatment is guaranteed by the calibre of the teachers. Iso Fit is a leading Pilates and Gyrotronic® Instructor Training Centre. The instructors here are constantly involved in revisiting and updating their skills.

The Iso Fit Team comprises of individuals from everywhere, this versatile team will overcome any barrier, cultural or language, they are able to communicate to their clients in English, Chinese, Japanese as well as Italian.




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