Love Art: Banksy

Banksy has captured the attention of the SO-U.TV team with a collection of previously unseen works in Hong Kong when Fabrik gallery hosted their LOVE ART show. This spectacular event displayed works from Bansky, the most controversial graffiti artist in the world. The show also included creations from Damien Hirst, Robert Indianna, Keith Haring, Romero Britto and Mel Ramos.Curators, Jurgen Abergas and Sean Coxall guide SO-U.TV and you on a personal tour of the exhibition. Go to SO-U.TV for more!

5 Responses to Love Art: Banksy

  1. Will says:

    This looks great. Any idea how long it will be in HK? I’m going to be there at the end of June and would love to see it.

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