Sichuan Dog Rescue

June 23, 2008

After the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, Animals Asia, the organisation that runs the moon bears sanctuary, came to the rescue of the surviving dogs and cats. People are lining up to hand over their pet dogs for safe-keeping until they are back on their feet. Watch the video at

Creative Spaces: Para/site

June 16, 2008

Have you ever heard of Para/site? No, we are not talking about lices, fleas or other nasty bug but about one of Hong Kong’s most progressive contemporary art gallery. The So-U.TV team met up with Tobias Berger, the curator. Watch this latest episode of Creative Spaces at

New Leash on Life: How is Pickle doing?

June 16, 2008

Do you remember Pickle? So-U.TV filmed him a couple of month ago after his rescue. He was in a dreadful state. Check for yourself: Our team went back to see him and what a transformation. Watch this fantastic before and after transformation at

New Leash on Life: A tribute to Monty

June 11, 2008

This week we bring you the tale of a less fortunate ending. Monty was a cute and lively dog that led a hard and difficult life. Recently Hong Kong Dog Rescue saved him from his abuse. But even with all the love and care he received from them his days were short lived. Sally Andersen, of Hong Kong Dog Rescue, reminds of us that we may not be able to save every troubled animal, but we should find it in our hearts to try.

Highlights of the Hong Kong Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships

June 11, 2008

What is better than the Rugby 7’s and is at the Beach? The Hong Kong Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships of course! The festival is the craziest day Stanley sees all year and So-U.TV was there to catch every moment of of fun and mayhem. Take a look at the highlights at

Memorial tribute for Wong Ka Kui 黃家強別了家駒十五載

June 11, 2008

This week a memorial tribute was held at Hong Kong’s art colony, Cattle Depot, for Wong Ka Kui. He is a widely loved and remembered musical icon in Hong Kong’s collective memory. The SO-U.TV’s team was there to record this moment of remembrance held in a location which serves as a source for much of Hong Kong’s emerging artists. Watch the video at

為了紀念黃家駒,他的弟弟黃家強籌辦了一連串紀念活動,包括於香港的牛棚藝術村舉行的紀念展覽。在香港的集體回憶裡,黃家駒是一個廣受年青樂迷愛戴的音樂偶像,所以 製作隊伍將帶各位一同參觀該展覽,一同懷念這位巨星。觀看影片在

B-ball for the China Earthquake Victims Steet Style

June 3, 2008

B-ball for the China earthquake victims was played steet style and raised over 80,000 HKD last week in an all out exhibition match between AND1 U.S.A and local celebrities team which included Jaycee Chan. Jaycee made major cash by catching nothing but air 8 times in a row in a free throw contest. 24 Herbs, SIR JBS MC’d the game and the whole band kept the fans out of their seats during halftime. The final score didn’t matter because everyone won on this night. Look for the next Streetball event — it should not be missed.