Memorial tribute for Wong Ka Kui 黃家強別了家駒十五載

This week a memorial tribute was held at Hong Kong’s art colony, Cattle Depot, for Wong Ka Kui. He is a widely loved and remembered musical icon in Hong Kong’s collective memory. The SO-U.TV’s team was there to record this moment of remembrance held in a location which serves as a source for much of Hong Kong’s emerging artists. Watch the video at

為了紀念黃家駒,他的弟弟黃家強籌辦了一連串紀念活動,包括於香港的牛棚藝術村舉行的紀念展覽。在香港的集體回憶裡,黃家駒是一個廣受年青樂迷愛戴的音樂偶像,所以 製作隊伍將帶各位一同參觀該展覽,一同懷念這位巨星。觀看影片在

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