To all Chocolate phone owners: serial numbers

September 30, 2009

As the search continues for 5 of our LG Chocolate phones, wed like to express our deepest thanks for attempting to help us track down these 5 special phones. Having sold over 20 million Chocolate phones globally, finding the 5 wont be easy. But we cant stop yet. The September 30th deadline is rapidly approaching and we still desperately need to locate the phones.


To help you find your Chocolate phones serial number, please refer to the images below. The first three numbers represent the year and month your phone was manufactured. 802 indicates that it was manufactured in February 2008. So if you purchased your Chocolate after this date, we desperately need you to check your phone as soon as possible. We will buy back the phones at $10,000 each and replace them with the new LG Chocolate (BL40).



Please see the poster@

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Greg Norman @ Mission Hills: China leader in future of golf

September 22, 2009

Mission Hills is the premiere golf resort in Asia. They have taken a progressive approach to reaching their fan base by bringing in a wide range of talented leaders in the sport of golf and using social media to share the experience.  In this series Greg Norman spends the day @ Mission Hills Asia’s premier golf resort. Norman provides candid interviews on the growth of golf in China and the Olympic imperative.

“Leaked, the new technology for HD LCD adopted in new Chocolate Phone”

September 16, 2009

According to the industry, surely the phone embedded with the new technology for HD LCD was adopted in the new Chocolate. As competition is getting fierce in the market, mobile manufactures are investing more than millions in order to develop new technology to survive. In fact, LG became the No.3 mobile company in the world due to the consistent growth of its technology for years. As for another clue, according to the revealed full spec of the handset, HD LCD might be the critical feature loaded in the new LG Chocolate. As spoken by the operators, the launch date has been delayed about 2 weeks for no reason, so evidently the leaked technology is related to HD LCD.