Real Yogis at Planet Yoga Hong Kong

December 31, 2009

Planet yoga brings only real yogis from all over the planet.
Come in and meet them and receive a complimentary yoga class.

Master Kapil

  • Gold Medallist
  • Post Graduation in Yoga Psychology at Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger India
  • Graduation in Commerce
  • Conducted Yoga camps and Shivirs in an around India including Indian Institute of Management, Joka Tata Consultancy Services, Salt Lake National Police Academy
  • Conducted Yoga classes for his excellence Mr. Viren J. Shah, Governor of West Bengal Conducted Yoga Health Management Courses and special camps for children.

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Master Ram

  • Championship title winner in Western Freestyle Dance and Millennium Freedom Competitions
  • First place in the Western Dance YMCA Competition
  • Has performed for international events like “Jam 2008” at Hong Kong’s International Music & Dance Festival
  • After studying and performing in India, Master Ram has been packing classes in Hong Kong with his high energy style. Classes include; Bollywood, Fusion, Modern Belly, Freestyle, and Salsa. He brings a fresh new energy and passion to his classes which has captured the hearts and rhythms of his students. “The Power to determine the direction of our life is not decided by life itself, but by us. Everything in our own hand, regardless of the challenges that we may face in the future, we should never give up on living out our dreams.“ Master Ram

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Master Naveen

  • Post Graduate in Yogic Science from Swami Vivekanda Yoga Anusanthana Samsthana, Bangalore, India
  • Certified Yoga Instructor and Therapist at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Ashram, Bangalore
  • Certified Yoga Instructor – Khusboo Welfare Society, Bangalore, India
  • Conducted workshops in Yoga and Meditation at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Chief Yoga Therapist at the NMP Medical Research Institute, Bangalore
  • Awarded “Best Teacher” in Yoga and Meditation, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
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Master Raj

  • Graduate in Yogic Science from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore, India
  • Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, Swami Vivekananda University, Bangalore, India
  • Certified Yoga Therapist from the Swami Vivekananda Yoga University
  • Awarded “Best Yoga Instructor” at the AYUR Rejuvenation Centre, New Delhi
  • Certified Yoga Instructor – Acupressure and Acupuncture Practioners Welfare Association, New Delhi
  • Certified by the Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences University, Karnataka, India

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Master Vaibhav

  • Highly experienced in performing and choreographing performances in productions across India
  • Achieved highest rankings in over 30 state and national dance competitions across India
  • Studied, performed and trained Jazz, Street Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and Salsa under the guidance of renowned teacher, Pritpal
  • Classes packed with the latest in modern dance styles, fun, energy and nightclub ready moves are what you can expect from Vaibhav’s classes. His ability to bring his students to his level is what makes this instructor so unique and he is bringing it to Planet Yoga exclusively fresh from India.

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Meet Master Ram: Martial Arts influenced Dance hits Planet Yoga Hong Kong

December 31, 2009

Dance as exercise is becoming hugely popular and Master Ram sets the pace. A lifetime of dance and martial arts has made him fast and flexible. He uses his talents to design a range of classes from Bollywood to Freestyle. Having started teaching at 15 he is recognized as one of the youngest certified dance instructors.

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RY: As the Dance Director, you customize a wide range of classes–Bollywood, Freestyle, bellydancing specifically for Planet Yoga. What are you working on at the moment?

Ram: Right now, I am preparing for the new Master Classes at Planet Yoga. We are very lucky to have a lot of dedicated and eager dancers at Planet Yoga so these sessions are designed with them in mind. The choreography is meant for intermediate and advanced dancers who are looking for something a little more challenging.

RY: You are one of the youngest certified dance instructors in India. How did you become a dance instructor? Were you always a good dancer?

Ram: I was always very athletic as a kid–I studied Martial Arts for 7 years and became a Black Belt. I began training in dance at a very young age and started teaching classes when I was 15.

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RY: Who has inspired you most as a dancer?

Ram: My biggest idol, without a doubt, is Michael Jackson. Not just for his techniques but his innovation, his star quality and charisma. In my profession, it is easy to imitate others’ styles and techniques. It is important for me to create original choreography so that my students are learning something new and exciting, not something they have already seen somewhere else.
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RY: Some of these classes may sound a little intimidating –Bhangra Funk, Modern Belly Dancing. For someone who has little or no experience dancing how would you encourage them?

Ram: I always teach each of my classes with one goal in mind, and that is to help my students build self-confidence, have fun and raise their energy level. Some of the classes are more challenging than others, but ultimately, it is not about learning specific techniques or fancy moves, I want them to feel good about their bodies and health.

RY: Planet Yoga is known for having instructors that have real talent and great experience. What does real yoga mean to you?

Ram: For each of my classes, I try to create a unique experience. I listen to my students and give them lots of feedback. It is important for me that anyone who comes into my class feels that they are able to take with them something that is worthwhile. Real yoga for me is creating a personal experience for each of my students.

To join a class taught by Master Ram: Please call us at (CWB): 2525 8277, (CTL): 2525 8288 or (TST): 3165 8080

Planet Yoga:《 Real Yogis: Meet Kapil the director of Yoga at Planet Yoga 》

December 30, 2009

Kapil is an accomplished Yoga Master and Director of Yoga at Planet Yoga.  He shares a few thoughts on his life, his passions and his yoga. Kapil comes from a very spiritual background. He was born and raised in Calcutta India before finding his way to Hong Kong.

RY: I understand yoga is very much part of your life. Can you tell us about that?

Kapil: “I was always interested in meditation and spirituality growing up. I always felt that I needed a different pace and lifestyle. I had read about the Bihar School of Yoga in a paper and got interested. The programme required students to stay in a monastery for two years. My mother was scared because she thought I was going to become a monk.” During Kapil’s stay there he received a gold medal of excellence and eventually left to teach yoga.

RY: There must have been some powerful spiritual influences in your life if your mother thought you were goito spend the rest of your life in a monastery. What were they?

Kapil: “Jiddu Krishnamurti and Osho. I don’t think I would have gotten interested into spirituality and yoga without their work.”

RY: Planet Yoga is launching permanent series of Master Classes. This is something new to Hong Kong I think. Can you explain it to us?

Kapil: “Our Yoga masters have put together a range of Master classes to launch in 2010. These classes are theme-based. One of the classes I’m very excited about is the Heart-Opening Hatha. When you practice yoga, it opens up different energies inside of you. This class is aimed at releasing feelings of compassion and love. All the Master Classes are designed fine tune skills and poses that you have learnt previously. Some of these classes will require students to have advanced skills in yoga.”

RY:Planet Yoga prides itself on having real yoga masters and teaching real yoga. What is your definition of “Real Yoga”?

Kapil: “Real yoga is living in the moment and learning the lessons that moment has to teach you. Real yoga is not something you only experience in a classroom. Our yoga masters teach how to experience the joy of yoga with every breath you take throughout your day.

RY: Any word of encouragement for people wanting to try yoga?

Kapil: “Live in the moment. Start your yogic journey today. Whatever you are looking for in life yoga will help you find it. Love, happiness, confidence, peace, health… no matter what it is, yoga will help you find it”

Real Yoga,

Babies love Mommies that love Yoga!

December 23, 2009
Expecting ladies listen up, it’s time you say bye bye to bloated body and sickness in the stomach by working it out. Mabel Mak, Director of Operations and Co-Founder of CWX Vietnam, shows us how you can have fun with the bun.
By Phuong Lien Get up and work it out

Reclining on a sofa, her face blushed with energy, Mabel eagerly casts insights on her seven-month-old pregnancy: “Being Asian myself and having lived in Hong Kong many years, I understand people’s concern and hesitation of being physically active during pregnancy. There are still many superstitions that are not backed by scientific evidence that people follow due to cultural pressures. I think one reason behind these beliefs is our instinct to protect the babies developing inside us. Furthermore, when one is pregnant, it’s hard enough to get up and get dressed everyday, while we feel bloated, and sick in the stomach.”

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Her fix? “Get up and do some work-out!” Mabel’s years of experience in the fitness industry informs her how a woman body would behave when she has to carry an extra weight for 9 months with all these changes in hormones and physical appearance: it calls for serious stamina. That and plus the energy to go into labor delivering the baby safe and sound.

“Thus is my stand on fitness during pregnancy! If you are not bed-ridden, or forbidden to exercise by your physician, fitness will bring the following benefits to your pregnancy: bring you more energy, help prepare you for the rigorous childbirth, reduce pregnancy discomfort, make the birthing process go easier, help you sleep better.” Mabel remarks. These are all results of a bodily system well-oiled to carry out the holy task of motherhood, and to some extent all mothers would love to follow a suitable pregnant program to better prepare for their special day if that’s all what it takes.

Mabel Mak Planet Yoga 2

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about stretching with your bump is the feel-good effect. It bestows generously on you, during and long after you hear the first crackling joy of birth. Not only exercising helps you sleep better, reduces stress and lifts your spirit (think endorphin, lots of it!), a few simple, coordinated movements a day to activate your body memory “will actually make it significantly faster for you to gain back your slim figure after delivery” as Mabel observes.

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Yoga is a mom’s best friend

It is believed that yoga is a marvelous form of exercise, especially for ladies who bundle. Mabel makes sure she has her yoga fix almost daily during her terms: “Yoga is great for pregnant women for several reasons. First of all, Yoga helps me breathe and relax, which, in turn, helps me to be well prepared for the harshness and the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood. Second, the stretching in yoga is a great way to tone up my muscles, making my body limber enough to prevent wear and tear in my joints by activating the lubricating fluid in joints.” Another aesthetic side to Yoga is that it can reduce bloatness, an annoying thing during pregnancy that turns you into a swollen onion. And what’s more, you can actually enjoy reading your favorite magazine in the loo because unlike other un-exercising moms-to-be, you won’t suffer much from constipation (which is very common with pregnancy) thanks to yoga-induced accelerating movement in your intestine.

Mabel has one-on-one yoga classes specially designed for her, as well as a tailor-made exercise routine. “My yoga instructor and personal trainer really made the difference. I believe anyone who is able to, should have a Personal Trainer and Yogi to work with them!” Her routine normally consists of: Yoga 3 days per week, with 15 minutes of breathing exercises – learning to control the breath, followed by 30 minutes of postures to strengthen the core and legs, and ending with 15 minutes of stretching.

Do what you love, and you will love what you do

“If your doctor says it is ok for you to exercise then I recommend those activities especially Yoga, for breathing and learning to concentrate & relax.” But Mabel believes the most important thing is to follow your heart. “Many women enjoy dancing, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, biking, or walking. My message to women is don’t let your pregnancy stop you from doing what you love!”

Mabel suggests a little orientation kit for an exercise-inspired mom-to-be. First a check-up with your physician to make sure what kind of activities you can enjoy: “Ask your doctor all the questions regarding your health, the fetus’ health, what you are allowed and not allowed to do, especially in term of fitness. If you are already exercising, you should discuss this with your physician as well. Tell him/her of what your plan regarding your fitness in the next 9 months.”

She notes: “If you have been active, then just keep doing what you like best, but don’t overdo yourself, don’t do activities which are strenuous. During pregnancy, avoid activities which involve bouncing, jarring (up and down movements), leaping, sudden changes of directions, or activities which risk abdominal injury. Don’t exercise if you are feeling fatigue, dizzy, sort of breath, or pain in your back or pelvis.”

With ladies who didn’t frequent the gym that much before but still want to do something to welcome a smooth delivery, Mabel suggests: “Start slow. Start gradually.”

“Even 5 minutes a day is a good start if you’ve been inactive. Add 5 minutes each week until you reach 30 minutes. Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothes and wear a supportive bra to protect your breasts. Drink plenty of water to avoid overheating and dehydration. Skip your exercises if you’re sick. Opt for a walk in an air-conditioned mall on hot, humid days. Above all, listen to your body and have good judgment.”

Mabel ends the conversation with a glowing smile: “The most important thing is to enjoy your pregnancy! It is quite beautiful!”

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