Planet Yoga:《 Real Yogis: Meet Kapil the director of Yoga at Planet Yoga 》

Kapil is an accomplished Yoga Master and Director of Yoga at Planet Yoga.  He shares a few thoughts on his life, his passions and his yoga. Kapil comes from a very spiritual background. He was born and raised in Calcutta India before finding his way to Hong Kong.

RY: I understand yoga is very much part of your life. Can you tell us about that?

Kapil: “I was always interested in meditation and spirituality growing up. I always felt that I needed a different pace and lifestyle. I had read about the Bihar School of Yoga in a paper and got interested. The programme required students to stay in a monastery for two years. My mother was scared because she thought I was going to become a monk.” During Kapil’s stay there he received a gold medal of excellence and eventually left to teach yoga.

RY: There must have been some powerful spiritual influences in your life if your mother thought you were goito spend the rest of your life in a monastery. What were they?

Kapil: “Jiddu Krishnamurti and Osho. I don’t think I would have gotten interested into spirituality and yoga without their work.”

RY: Planet Yoga is launching permanent series of Master Classes. This is something new to Hong Kong I think. Can you explain it to us?

Kapil: “Our Yoga masters have put together a range of Master classes to launch in 2010. These classes are theme-based. One of the classes I’m very excited about is the Heart-Opening Hatha. When you practice yoga, it opens up different energies inside of you. This class is aimed at releasing feelings of compassion and love. All the Master Classes are designed fine tune skills and poses that you have learnt previously. Some of these classes will require students to have advanced skills in yoga.”

RY:Planet Yoga prides itself on having real yoga masters and teaching real yoga. What is your definition of “Real Yoga”?

Kapil: “Real yoga is living in the moment and learning the lessons that moment has to teach you. Real yoga is not something you only experience in a classroom. Our yoga masters teach how to experience the joy of yoga with every breath you take throughout your day.

RY: Any word of encouragement for people wanting to try yoga?

Kapil: “Live in the moment. Start your yogic journey today. Whatever you are looking for in life yoga will help you find it. Love, happiness, confidence, peace, health… no matter what it is, yoga will help you find it”

Real Yoga,

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