VinaCapital2009投資者會議在索菲特傳奇大都市酒店(Sofital Legend Metropole Hotel)舉行

葉倩女士(Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke)出席了在河內索菲特傳奇大都市酒店(Sofital Legend Metropole Hotel)舉行的VinaCapital2009投資者會議。會議旨在預測越南未來幾年經濟形勢和投資機會。會議吸引了世界各地200多位投資者和商業精英的參加。

Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke attended the Investors Conference VinaCapital 2009 which was held at Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. The purpose of the conference was introducing the foreign investors about Vietnam market and the investment opportunities in the coming up years. The conference attracted more than 200 foreign investors and business leaders to come.

叶倩女士(Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke)出席了在河内索菲特传奇大都市酒店(Sofital Legend Metropole Hotel)举行的VinaCapital2009投资者会议。会议旨在预测越南未来几年经济形势和投资机会。会议吸引了世界各地200多位投资者和商业精英的参加。

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