From Member to Teacher: Alvin of Planet Yoga gets Hong Kong flexible

One of our favourite teachers at Planet Yoga,Alvin teachers a special workshop titled “Yoga for the Inflexible” this March. With many dedicated members practicing with Alvin, this workshop is a guaranteed success. We speak to Alvin about why he wanted to host a workshop and how he won over such a following at Planet Yoga.

So Alvin, are you from Hong Kong?

No but it definitely feels like I am! I’ve been living in this city for 30 years now. I came here 30 years ago with a Hong Kong based-airline company.

Was your schedule quite flexible then? That must have given you a bit of free time to explore the city.
Yes definitely. We would get days off at a time when we were not flying and so I was able to try out lots of different sports. I love swimming, biking, scuba diving and rock climbing! Funny thing is,, I was always interested in yoga about but I never got around to it until much later!

Wow, you are very athletic! When did you start practicing yoga then?
Actually I started practicing about 5 or 6 years ago. I started as a member at Planet Yoga and after a couple of classes I was completely hooked. I started coming here everyday, going to classes and just talking to the other teachers. I would catch Master Kapil after class and just discuss about specific techniques and how I can improve my postures. I learnt very quickly at Planet Yoga because the instructors are so willing to help me after class or in their free time.

From member to instructor at Planet Yoga? No wonder it seems like you know everybody in this club!
Definitely, I made a lot of friends here in Planet Yoga as a member. I understand their point of view, what they like and how they wish to improve. That is the main reason why I wanted to host this workshop. I found that a lot of members were getting frustrated because they could not do a certain pose even after years of practice.

What are some common poses people had difficulty with?

Every body is built differently so our limits vary but backbends, splits and the butterfly is generally a bit more challenging for most people to practice.

Can you give us a little sneak preview of what the workshop would be like?

I wanted to include a mix of discussion, theory and practice into the workshop. Members at Planet Yoga can attend class any day of the week but not a lot of people have the chance to sit down and study or discuss specific problems they encountered in their practice. Also, it is a great introductory class for someone curious and new to yoga to gain some insight before jumping into a regular class. I will be teaching some very practical yoga poses that anyone can do just at their office or when they are sitting around at home.

Thank you so much Alvin for giving us an exclusive look into your workshop. So finally, can you tell us what Real Yoga means to you?

Real Yoga gives us the awareness to be present and in the moment.


Yoga for the Inflexible Workshop at Planet Yoga

Most people practice yoga to become more flexible,
but everyone’s body is unique. This workshop will
teach you the science of flexibility, helping you
understand your current level of flexibility and how
you can quickly improve on it. Asana Practice and
use of Yoga props (e.g. blocks, bricks, straps,
bolsters) will help you achieve.

This is a detailed class with a lot of personal attention.

What to expect during class


Date&Time: March 27 (Sat) 15:00-18:00
Club: Central Club
Instructor: Alvin
Level: All levels
Course Fee: HK $500

-Asana practice
-Postures for stretching the whole body

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