Phonak awards Hong Kong-based Company Manifest Marketing

Phonak, the Swiss R&D company and manufacturer of advanced security oriented semi-covert and covert digital wireless communications and earpieces, presented Manifest Marketing an Award of Excellence for its sales success in 2009/10.

This award was presented to Manifest’s Graham Parkes in Kyoto at the Phonak Asia Distributors Meeting in April, 2010 for an extremely successful sales program involving  Phonak’s most advanced digital, wireless, “zero interference”, covert earpiece, the Profilo. The Profilo is a perfect solution for covert communications in high electro-magnetic interference and/or loud noise environments involving law enforcement and surveillance, intelligence operations and hotel/casino security.

Phonak Profilo is a covert communication security system designed to be used in places like the casinos where safety is vital to each and every visitor.  The security system ensures clear and an uninterrupted exchange between the surveillance officer and the people in the surveillance room.

In addition to its ease in application and lightness, it offers zero magnetic interference in communication making it the most number one choice in casino security system.  Oftentimes, noises like hissing and buzzing sounds as well as a great amount of electro magnetic interference hinder the smooth communication between the surveillance team.  As a result, safety is less assured and the aim of security personnel to be as discreet as possible is not attained.  Many will be ill-at ease while playing because they can hear that somebody is being observed closely.  This is something that casinos need to avoid so that clients or customers will be lured to go back and play everytime.

With Phonak Profilo security system, the security personnel can be almost invisible without jeopardizing the enjoyment and the safety of the casino customers.  The Phonak Profilo Security system is available in two configurations: the Profilo WL  which includes the earpiece–loopmic and wireless press-to-talk (PTT) for an extremely discreet surveillance communication, and the Profilo LM which is consist of the earpiece-loopmic and wired press-tot-talk (PTT) for an almost invisible effect in surveillance.  Take a look at these sets available in Phonak Profilo security system and decide what set suits best for your casino’s safety needs.

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