Asia Surveillance: Affordable Outdoor Remote Video Monitoring

July 5, 2010

No public or private sector in Asia can afford repeating the break-in at the South Africa Pelindaba Nuclear Site that made headline news in 2007. Four armed men broke into the Pelindaba nuclear facility , a site where hundreds of kilograms of weapons-grade uranium are stored. Four criminals deactivated several layers of security, including a 10,000-volt electrical fence. A separate group of intruders failed in an attempt to break in from the west. The timing suggests a coordinated attack against a facility that contains an estimated 25 bombs’ worth of weapons-grade nuclear material. A large premise requires a sophisticated level of security and surveillance monitoring to maintain a high level of premise managment and to prevent vandalism and theft.

Video of Pelindaba Break In:

Video Monitoring is essential for public and private sectors such as hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, construction sites in Asia to secure a high level of safety and crime prevention. Manifest Marketing distributes hi-tech remote video monitoring devices system  Sun Surveillance developed which is extremely effective in protecting and monitoring casinos, large commerical or residential complexes since they can transmit wireless video from far distances. Sun Surveillance’s Solstice Cam is a leading provider of low-maintenance and quality cctv product.   Most of the products of Sun Surveillance integrates solar power generating plate with a 5 day battery bank which makes their line of products very affordable. Solstice Cam uses the most advance wireless technology that enables them in providing better monitoring results and reliable surveillance.

Online monitoring and remote video surveillance are what companies should be looking for especially if they aim for a tight and reliable security system that is not just affordable but also produces efficient and trusted results.

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