Observe with cobham surveillance in Asia

Wireless video transmission that is secure


Cobham Surveillance (Domo) Products is on the frontline when it comes to providing and developing reliable digital wireless surveillance technology both for video and audio that are very essential for complicated observative operations. Cobham has always been the fundamental and most-respected developer for leading edge aerospace and defense technologies.


A variety of investigations in Asia and different activities from law-enforcement authorities need reliable intelligence information that would back up their actions. Every security organization in Asia aim to  provide  a high quality surveillance team that would be helpful in gathering information and evidences. Let’s take for example the COFDM SOLO Video Transmitter product that is developed and manufactured by COBHAM SURVEILLANCE (Domo) PRODUCTS. This COFDMO Solo device uses domo technology and transmits low data rate over a long range. John Hirsch of Manifest Marketing Asia comments, ” Cobham Surveillance’ SOLO is a must-tool for sophisticated police operations since it sends photos and videos even from long distances and is well secured so as to avoid interferences coming from third parties. ” It is built using highly developed COFDMO technologies empowered by domo technology thus; it doesn’t just provide satisfaction and accuracy but also with well secured transmissions.

This product works and operates in a not-so-complicated way so as to ensure a smooth-flowing operation and transmission. Cobham Surveillance configured their COFDMO SOLO products in a simplified manner so as the transmission process would not face a lot of hassles and would lead into excellent and accurate results. Error-free transmission is one of the things that Cobham Surveillance is very proud of since they were able to produce and introduce high level products through their breathtaking advancement s in such field. Through the COFDMO SOLO product, Cobham has once again fulfilled its promise in developing innovative technologies, products and services.

To find out more about Cobham Surveillance, visit Manifest Marketing Ltd Asia on Facebook and Twitter .

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