Asia Gadget 2.0: Open Face Marine Helmet

July 13, 2010

Open Face Marine Safety Helmet is one of the finest helmets of the Gecko Marine Safety Helmet which is distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing, Hong Kong. It is the result of many years’ continuous research and development into head protection and element exposure within the marine environment. Working extensively with both rescue and emergency organizations.

Asia Regional Manager John Hirsch describes, ” Open Face Marine Safety Helmet weighs only 700 gram which is light enough to be very comfortable.” The helmet also is designed by head protection and extreme water sport enthusiasts so it can be used effectively in any circumstances.

The GMSH Open Face Benefits:

Open Face Marine Safety Helmet has many benefits:

BSI approved to PAS 028:2002 MSHS.

Rub resistant strap assembly employing neoprene sheathing.

Removable 15mm thick foam comfort pad provides cushion protection to the top of the head.

Removable blanking unit provides ear protection from natural elements and external noise.

Alternative option also available.

Camera version available

Available in any colour combination.

For more information about the products, please visit our website Manifest Marketing, Hong Kong, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.