Digital Forensics Asia: No “VOUNDaries” for Intelligent Intella™

July 15, 2010
Intella’s powerful search engine and visual edge enables users to flesh out data from email and other software applications in your drive. If you want the latest digital forensics tool, then Intella is exactly the one you are looking for.  Intella™’s powerful indexing search engine and its unique visual presentation enables the user to easily search and review email and electronically stored information to find critical evidence and visualize relevant relationships. Intella is a user friendly program that is very easy to use—many law enforcement organisations law firms, financial companies and government organisations use Vound Intella for research and investigation.

Year 2008, Vound started its rise to the top, developing the reputation as the global leader in computer security applications specializing on electronic mail investigation. Since then, Vound has greatly extended its “Voundaries”, reaching influence in the U.S, Japan, Germany, U.K, France, China, New Zealand, Netherlands, and Australia. Currently, Vound is setting its course in Asia, finding its way to the Hong Kong based Manifest Marketing Limited, a partner and promoter of security products within the Asian turf. It is clear to see that Vound has not really fallen short of its goal to provide intelligent information and content right from our own very computers. The computer genome has just been cracked by Intella.


Intella indexes and searches all file contents and metadata including various mail and harddrive sources (outlook, IMAP, exchange), different office files (Excel, Word, Publisher, PPT) in various languages (All western languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). The search option allows you to browse data based on multiple keywords, facets or specific attributes (text, author, file name, email heading).  Asia ditributor Manifest Marketing‘s John Hirsch explains “You can easily preview email and system files, as well as search and probe email attachments, links, images, archives and headers.” You can also follow email conversations at ease while getting a much clearer view of what is going on in your system through Intella’s visualization map. You can even export results in different formats for your further use.

Intella is best known for its efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with issues pertaining to intellectual property and email usage. Since it is fully able to uncover back-end data, there is no escape with this powerful software.  You can index your email and hard drives, search specific contents and various file types, get support for different languages, view tables and thumbnails, scan all your attachments, and report all results either in RTF or PDF formats.

To learn more about Intella™, you can visit Manifest Marketing Limited at The Hong Kong based-Company is a partner and provider of Vound Intella™ in Asia.