Asia High Technology: A Safe and Reliable Hard-Wire Shrike Exploder

July 21, 2010

Shrike Exploderis a fully approved hard-wire exploder and it is currently in service with more than 44 countries worldwide. It is also one of the high technology products of Chemring EOD Limited which is distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing , Hong Kong.

Chemring EOD Limited was established on November 3rd, 2008. The company designs, supplies, and manufactures worldwide to the Defence, Security and Police markets. Our products are high, quality, performance, reliability and safety of use which are without compromise.

Shrike Exploder has proven itself as a safe, reliable and cost-effective system for the initiation of explosives, mines, pyrotechnics, and other electro-explosive devices (EED). There are two versions of Shrike Exploder now available are: Shrike MKV and Shrike MK1V.Shrike MKV for use with standard NATO detonators and Shrike MK1V for the latest VA safety detonators which require a higher energy firing output.

Accessories for the Shrike include:

Shrike Test Meter: provides an accurate means for functionally testing Shrike and Mini Shrike and measuring line impedance.

Shock Tube Adaptor: is a lightweight accessory which offers the user the option of adding Shock Tube or Nonel initiation techniques as opposed to existing wire connection detonator lines for any suitable explosive application.

8 Way Adaptor: provides a simple and reliable means of doubling the number of output circuits from the Shrike Initiator and is suitable for use in perimeter defence situations as well as battlefield simulation.

Fault Locating Tools: are used with the initiator to check and test circuits.

Mains Charger

In-Vehicle Charger


Size: 140x 95 x 45 mm

Unit Weight: 420g

Output Voltage: 319 – 400V

Output Energy: Typically 12J/Minimum 6.8J

Output Load: Up to 400 Ohms each circuit

Arming Time: Typically 2 seconds

Safety Features of the Shrike include:

Shrike must be primed before any circuit can be fired, requires the operation of two independent push buttons.

The outputs is inhibited when the exploder is not fully primed, thus preventing partial firing.

For the MkV, output energy cannot be released into a circuit whose resistance is more than 400 Ohms, and for the MKIV, a circuit of more than 350 Ohms. Both these resistances are well  below that of the human body, therefore completely eliminating any electrical hazard to be operator.

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