Primero Asia : Custom earpiece for clear communication

July 22, 2010

Summary: Primero is the leading headset for an clear transmission of information that can be made even on the noisiest environment because of PHONAK uses the best noise protection technology.

Have you ever walked through the sidewalks of Hong Kong near construction sites? Noise coming from heavy duty machinery, drilling are intolerable. Communication in noisy areas like this is possible in such areas since Manifest Marketing never fail to provide a communication solution for noisy environments or crowded areas in all countries here in Asia.  PHONAK‘s easy to use earpiece is popular amongst event managment personnels, nascar car racing crew, construction site managment and even helicopter pilots.

primero_DPC_6655af771c.gif primero_new_8eab0903b1.jpg

In securing a public or private establishment in Asia, clear communication is essential for teams to take and recieve clear instructions. Phonak’s Primero eliminates confusion and blocks any noise that may affect the transmission.

PHONAK COMMUNICATIONS, in partnership with Manifest Marketing,  launches a new technology that allows clear and efficient transfer of information to those who are working on public and private security. PHONAK launches PRIMERO as a communication tool that would make transmission of information clear in the noisiest environment. Primero is a small earpiece that has a noise cancellation technology and can be used comfortably by any person. Phonak aims in providing small yet efficient gears that would be very much useful for security team. Primero is also a premier gadget as motorcycle communication headset and is wearable even with helmets.

Manifest Marketing provides all alternatives as what users do need for noise reduction technology that is very much possible together with PHONAK. Primero proves to be viable as it offers good speech transmission and is thoroughly used in crowd surveillance and monitoring especially on crowded places and streets in Hongkong.

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