What’s the scoop?

A Top Model contest intended to showcase talented Chinese female models around the country. Sponsored by Mina Magazine, Scawaii Magazine and Clean and Clear, contestants in teams of 2, across China can either 1) submit a video of 1 minute in duration along with photos or 2) have their video recorded at the official recruiting sessions—members on Tudou will then be able to vote on their favourite wannabe.

Videos taped at recruiting session

Videos submitted by the hopefuls

Why this works?
Many video-based campaigns in Hong Kong and China cannot seem to reach its full potential and generate enough buzz mainly because Companies cannot get very many people to submit videos to contests. Although people in Hong Kong and China love taking photos and sharing them via social media, videos is a bit of a different story.

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/iOkXaZ7-cGg/

Online and Offline
To maximize coverage and reach for this campaign, Clean and Clear has full support—online and offline. Videos and photos of the contestants are viewed exclusively online, while the winner of the contest will also be featured on Mina, Scawaii (print spread deal) and Clean and Clear (television commercial contract).

Optomizing SocialGraph
On the contest website, Clean&Clear also provides a list of guidelines for contestants to help them get the most votes. The main social networking platforms seem to be divided into 3 categories: 1) QQ 2) other messenger application 3) blogs and microblogs (sina, weibo) 4) Forum and bulletin boards. There may be 7 billion Chinese people in the world and digital media has the ability and potential to reach about 150million of them (living in China).

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