Wireless Communication made clear in Asia

July 28, 2010

(Manifest Marketing, Hong Kong)

PHONAK Serenity DPC distributed in Asia by manifest Marketing has been providing the best noise cancellation and hearing protection technology throughout Asia and continues to develop its product with the help of Manifest Marketing.

Serenity DPC is a headset and earpiece perfect for noise control , hearing protection and securing good communication in busy nightclubs, crowded concerts, loud events, racing competition and popular exhibitions. One of the best gadgets available now in the market is probably the SERENITY DPC, a dynamic hearing technology developed by Phonak which is expert in audiology and sold throughout Asia by Manifest MarketingSerenity DPC enables people to communicate clearly even in extremely noisy environments. Loud sounds and even gunshots can be limited to a comfortable level wherein people can communicate with each other especially in giving clear instructions and information by the earplugs.

Pilot and user Jean-Louis comments, ” It was just fantastic,” he says. “The system was easy-to-use, comfortable, and it protected me both inside the cabin and outside the helicopter. I wore it regularly for six hours or more; no noises sounded too loud and I could communicate normally.” Phonak Serenity DPC provides an intelligent, adaptable, reliable system that would protect the user comfortably for hours at a time.

No more disturbing static and loud noise that can make interrupt the delivery of crutial information or hearing.

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