wireless headset for hands-free communication in Asia

July 30, 2010

From Manifest Marketing Asia and Phonak Communications.  Asia is quickly becoming a hub for large scale events and exhibitions.  However, many event management teams are still a little green when it comes to crowd control and security.  The Shanghai Expo in China proved to be one of the most chaotic and disorganized exhibitions in 2010.  Ideal for team communication at concert halls, large scale exhibitions, hotel security, event management and crowd control, Phonak Condor is a useful tool to ensure effective teamwork.

Condor-profilo-system-200x1.gif Condor_ComCom-System_PRODPG_ebb99b763c.jpg

Phonak Asia has developed a line of hearing aids that would ensure clear communication in crowded and noisy situations.  Phonak’s CONDOR, is a hands-free mobile hearing systems that allows a team of up to 6 members have ‘full-duplex’ communication.   This simply means that colleagues can talk and listen simultaneously without having to press a button as you would with a talkie talkie). While a team of six can communicate freely using phonak audeo’s Condor, an unlimited number of staff can also listen in to the conversation over the closed Condor network.

With a comfortable earpiece that is designed for a long time usage, Phonak Condor provides clear communication as well as hearing and noise protection.  Also,  CONDOR is that it doesn’t
need a base and is completely mobile. The mobility of condor is what security team in Asia are looking for since it can be used in a network with a range of 800 meters. CONDOR is integrated with the latest digital encryption technology for total security as well as taking confidentiality on the highest level.

Manifest Marketing Asia has seen the potential and ability of PHONAK’s in providing and developing the latest technology that could be used by a network that could not be interfered even with the noisiest environment . PHONAK introduces CONDOR all over Hong Kong and received substantial and good reviews because it offers the best and robust tool for security monitoring that it is simple and easy to use.

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