Manifest Marketing: Beyond Encryption computer data privacy in Asia

August 28, 2010
Available in Asia exclusively from Manifest Marketing, Beyond Encryption Technologies or B.E.T is an Irish software development company that specializes in business applications for top leading companies and organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia. Beyond Encryption Technologies is revered as the global leader in data security solutions. The company also provides its users with the latest tools and support needed to enforce security in the network. To better understand the solutions that B.E.T is offering to us, let us get to know their various products and services.

B.E.T products feature a reactive security solution. This means that upon deployment, the software application can immediately begin its work in supporting data protection to its clients. This will speed up the whole security process. More work for B.E.T and less for its clients. The reactive security includes remote freezing, remote file transfer, and remote destruction of data, remote lockdown of device, and timed lockdown. A timed security mode is also available for those who want to have some tasks done automatically on a specific time or schedule. Not to mention that B.E.T also has the IP Fencing Security Mode needed to draw the line from the inside to the outside. Such is the great power of Beyond Encryption Technologies.

The B.E.T products are: B.E Prime, B.E Professional, and B.E Premium. Built for the small and medium enterprises, the B.E Prime can host up to one hundred computers as part of their security package. The B.E Professional product on the other hand is a business solution for larger corporations who prefer to have their servers hosted within the walls of their building. Lastly, the B.E Premium product is for those larger clients who are planning to integrate the B.E.T software into their own security applications. But regardless of what specific package you might want to get, you will definitely get access to B.E.T’s technology and its advanced tools such as – a server that stores everything about your business, a client agent to support you all the time, a secure communications channel or SCC, and B.E.T’s series of security commands for you to use.

B.E.T is indeed going beyond the norms of security and data protection. You can check out all of B.E.T’s products and services in the Hong Kong based corporation Manifest Marketing Limited. Manifest Marketing Limited is a partner of B.E.T in Asia. It hosts a wide number of security products and services including the revered B.E.T.



August 27, 2010


近年各式各樣纖體療程大行其市, 但女士們你們纖體同時又會否忽略了你的臉?


首次試做價只需$1,400 (原價$2,800)

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射療程絕對不會陌生PRP含有7種促進傷口癒合的蛋白質生長因子, 對肌膚再生有很大作用因其功效顯著, 在極短時間內旋即成為美容界的新寵, 深得女士們歡迎

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而一向標榜”西方美肌 漢方養肌”的華洋坊亦緊貼潮流推出PRP注射療程, 現更可以以半價$4,000 (原價$8,000)試做! 如果你都想以優惠價親身體驗PRP射療程的神奇功效, 快致電華洋坊預約吧!

華洋坊: 2186 611
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BusinessActive and BusinessLine Headsets for Professionals

August 26, 2010

Imtradex specializes in producing quality headsets for professional usage. BusinessActive and BusinessLine are designed  for business operations requiring quality lines of headsets.  This line of quality headsets are distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong.


Under this category are BusinessActive XD which is a binaural headset and BusinessActive XS which is a monaural headset. BusinessActive headsets are lightweight in nature and equipped with a special feature called Peak-Reduction-Process (PRP). The PRP electronic is included in every BusinessActive headset and it provides extra protection against sudden noise peaks. The headsets also have special ear cushions made up of CoolMax® for an added comfort upon usage.


Under BusinessLine headsets are BusinessLine NBD, NBS, XD, XS, XD-Pro and XS-Pro. BusinessLine NBD, a binaural headset and BusinessLine NBS, a monaural headset have innovative neck holder. These BusinessLine headsets are designed for professional use in call centers. It also has Open-Ear-Gain Technology which is the key to its extraordinary ear connection. On the other hand, BusinessLine XD (binaural) and BusinessLine SD (monaural) are designed for call and control centers. This line of headsets has Spacer Distance Clips for easy size customization, Acoustic Shock Protection for noise peak protection and microphone marking point for the best quality of speech to be achieved. And lastly, BusinessLine XD-Pro for binaural headsets and BusinessLine XS-Pro for monaural headsets have decreased gooseneck which aids in noise cancelling function. The microphone equipped also has noise cancelling feature. In general, these BusinessLine headsets are designed to fit different lines of businesses so anyone would find their desired features in each headset.

These headsets produced by Imtradex are great business solutions for telecommunication needs. Now it is made more reachable to Asia through Manifest Marketing based in Hong Kong, so more businesses could find BusinessActive and BusinessLine headsets great for their businesses!

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Wanted: CLP Green Park hiring online volunteers!

August 25, 2010

WANTED! CLP urgently seeks online volunteers to help promote environmental protection!

Job requirement: Environment enthusiasts, previous tree-hugging experience an advantage

Job duties: Help save trees and tell all your loved ones about the “Love the Earth, Plant a Tree” campaign.

How to sign up?

Plant a tree:

Follow our Twitter:
Support our Facebook:

How you can help? :

Add our Green Park Gardener avatar to your facebook /twitter /msn profile photo!

After you have signed up, share the site with all of your friends.  For every virtual tree planted, CLP donates $5 to Green Partners across Asia Pacific.

Did you ever think that you can help a great cause while watching youtube or reading Perez Hilton?? Now you be the difference!

Protect Environment and Have Fun at CLP Green Park Online

August 23, 2010

CLP Green Park is one of the latest online theme park in Hong Kong.  It is quickly gaining popularity across Asia-Pacific because it is a fun and quick way to help the environment right from your own home !

As various logging companies look to expand their profits by cutting down trees, many forests have been destroyed on the way. CLP Green Park is one of the latest initiatives looking to help reverse some of this damage through educating the public about the importance of protecting trees.

Photo taken from Conservation Volunteers (
CLP Green Park is a great way to help those around you know a little more about biodiversity, the environment and ecosystems around us.

A fun and interactive game, CLP Green Park is a new way for us to help protect trees and nature.   The great thing is, we don’t even need to leave our home to help out! A great way for busy city-dwellers to also do their part and help the environment around them.  For every virtual tree planted at CLP Green Park, HK $5 is donated to Green Partners in Hong Kong, China, Australia, India and Thailand.  Play now:

To stay updated on CLP Green Park:
Visit them on facebook at
Follow them on twitter @clpgreenpark

Virtual Tree Planting at CLP Green Park

August 23, 2010

You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to help protect the environment—CLP Green Park has made it easy and simple for everyone from city girls to country boys to learn about Tree Planting.  You will be pleased to know that you are also helping raise donations to Green Projects across Asia-Pacific. Click here to play now.

For many city dwellers, the online world has become their second home.  Because of this trend, using the online world as a channel to raise the world’s awareness about the deteriorating condition of our ecosystems is only natural. CLP Green Park aims to portray an amazing world where people and nature can harmoniously exist together.  

How Does It Work?

For every virtual tree planted in the park, a total of HK$5 will be given to the 5 participating green partners. The organizations come from five different countries and all are dedicated in saving our nature. The funds are used in supporting projects for the preservation of biodiversity.

Green Partners

The information about each Green Partner is available on the CLP Green Park website.  In Hong Kong, the participating organization is The Conservancy Association which is founded in 1968. It is a non-government environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving the natural cultural heritage of their country.

How Will They Use The Money?

Funds donated to the participating environmental organization are budgeted according to the organization’s program plans, as each organization has planned different projects for the betterment of the environment. For example, The Conservancy Association of Hong Kong is working on the funds they have earned for Eco-Protectors, a program that targets environmental education for common people.

CLP Green Park is just one of the simple ways of helping our nature, their target is to plant a total of 100, 000 virtual trees and raise $500,000!

Visit to play now!!

Manifest Marketing Asia: Anti-Erosion by WhisprWave

August 21, 2010

WhisprWave, a trademark product from Wave Dispersion Technologies, is developed to protect beaches and water structures from natural and unnatural forces. Recognized by  the world’s militaries, security agencies and marine industry as the global leader in maritime port security and erosion control technology solutions, this line is now distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing, based in Hong Kong.


Beaches, marinas and water structures are very susceptible to external damages that can be caused by both natural and unnatural forces. For this reason, it is very important to have a protection in order to avoid serious damages in various water structures. Wave Dispersion Technologies offers a great solution to this problem, through their innovative product WhisprWave. It serves as a physical barrier and a marine fence that can provide both protection and distinction in the sea.

What Are The Options?

In general, WhisprWave has two product lines: the Maritime Port Security Buoys and the Maritime Port Security Barriers. The Maritime Port Security Buoys are designed to meet the standards worldwide for marine security. Hence, the buoys are commonly used by Navy, Coast Guard and various private company water structures. On the other hand, the Maritime Port Security Barriers are great to use as a physical barrier in water. WhisprWave Force Protection Marine Barrier Systems ensure their products’ quality and efficiency in water, so it can definitely last long in meeting most consumers’ demands for protection and distinction.

Can It Meet Worldwide Standards?

Wave Dispersion Technologies ensures that all products are made according to international standards. For this reason, Manifest Marketing has included WhisprWave in their product lines. Currently, it still meets the standards of US Navy and US Coast Guard which is also followed in most countries.

Is It Cost-Effective?

WhisprWave is designed for marine usage and is designed to function well under the harshest marine conditions. Its marine-grade and high quality design make it suitable for seas as it can last long in providing service for protection and barrier needs.


Wave Dispersion Technologies’ WhisprWave has wide range of products to choose from. Some of the most notable ones around are the Vessel Exclusion Barrier, Power Plant and Dam Marker Buoys and Enhanced Small Craft Intrusion Barrier. The company practically has solutions for any water barrier needs and they can make it according to international standards. This is essential in meeting the demands of consumers worldwide, so full protection is secured for beaches, marinas and other water structures around.

The potential uses for the WhisprWave® Technology have, over the last few years, expanded far beyond its stricly environmentally focused beach and sand erosion protection beginnings to encompass marine port security and global antiterrorism applications.

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Graytronics Boat Intercom Systems – Efficiency, Clarity and Durability

August 19, 2010

Graytronics Boat Intercom Systems has the best quality of audio intercommunication system available in the market. It is produced by Ultra Electronics to serve as an efficient marine intercommunication system device, and it is now distributed by Manifest Marketing.


Craytronics Ltd specialized in producing intercom systems for motor sport and racing powerboats.Clarity is always important in a communication system device especially under extreme conditions. For boat intercommunication system, it is good to know that sound output clarity is possible with Graytronics Boat Intercom Systems. Its producer, Ultra Electronics, has designed the device to be efficient in delivering sound outputs even under extreme conditions. This makes it appropriate to use in the open cockpit area of seas and it is very useful in integrating communication system between different crews. Included in the Graytronics Boat Intercom Systems are the following:

The Master Control Box

This control box integrates communication from the six radios and alarm units included in the set as well as from the radio operators and crew intercoms in the system. This Master Control Box combines all outputs from different units as it is a vital part of the intercom system.

The Radio Operator’s Control Box

Through this control box, the radio operator can send and receive signals from other radio operators in the area. This device is the key in starting a conference between different crews and in connecting privately to a certain radio.


Crew Control Box for Non-Radio Operators

This is the control box for non-radio operators where volume and PTT button can be adjusted.

Integrated Headsets and Helmets

These extra devices for the intercom system are waterproof. It is equipped with useful functions such as waterproof noise cancelling button, boom microphones and pressure gradient adjustor.

The group concentrates on obtaining cutting edge technology in niche markets, with many of its products and technologies being market leaders in their field. Ultra’s products and services are used on aircraft, ships, submarines, armoured vehicles, surveillance systems, airports, seaports and transport systems around the world. Manifest Marketing, which is based in Hong Kong, now distributes Graytronics in Asia to meet different consumer demands in intercommunication system device.

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August 19, 2010

繼上個禮拜beauty blogger Abby Lau o係華洋坊試做“無針胎盤素導入療程“後, 今個禮拜就有靚女blogger Babyalpha獨家免費試做華洋經絡美肌療法!

華洋經絡美肌療法係 華洋坊自創的中西合璧美容treatment, 華洋坊深信「按經絡時,痛則不通,要使之暢通,必先中穴位,通經絡,最後便可調理臟腑」,所以華洋經絡美肌療法首要條件就係按準穴位。其實人既身體有多個 穴位,當中位於面部既穴位就係五臟六腑既反射區。先在面部按穴,然後再導通身體上既經絡,以達致調理臟腑既效果。

Blogger Babyalpha試做完華洋經絡美肌療法更加讚不絕口, 想知有幾正? 去佢個blog睇下啦!

Babyalpha’s Blog:

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XRY data recovery and forensics Asia

August 13, 2010

Always a step ahead – is the fittingly-true slogan of Micro Systemation, a world leader  in mobile forensics. Two products in particular distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong the XRY and XACT are worth highlighting.

I discovered that both products actually enhance the mobile phones we have today, and yes they exist for one purpose and calling – providing security. As you know, today everything is pretty much complex. The luxury of privacy is starting to fade away as we find ourselves living in a digital and highly-sophisticated world where every action can be seen in the eyes of the camera, every conversation is done through mobile technology, and our daily transactions done through a handy computer machine. It isn’t surprising that cybercrimes are growing increasingly each year. Literally crime is commited even when both parties are across Asia, Europe and Americas. That is why forensic experts are trying hard to cope with the need to counter the attack.

With more people online in Asia than Europe and Americas combined, it is no wonder that XRY and XACT is in such popular demand in countries like China, India, Cambodia, Japan and Korea.  Sipping coffee while reading the astounding benefits of the XRY and XACT technology, I realized that using this form of technology will make investigations much easier and effective. I found out that the XRY is actually the base product while the XACT is upgraded version of it. Able to read both the physical and logical components of mobile devices, it enables security agents and investigators to save time, effort, and money while providing exceptional results as well. One wonderful feature of the XRY and XACT product is the logical and physical extraction wizard which can be used to find all the information needed for investigation. So this means that we can actually get and recover data from all those devices. And what’s more is that you can also find out what information is needed and what is not. So it is what most users say as a critical time saver. But just as are tempted to think that the XRY and XACT are difficult to use, think again! The data collected from the XRY and XACT can be easily copied to flash disks, CD’s, DVD’s and can even be exported to MS Office and Open Office software.

Once you purchase any of these two products, you will also get training courses that will make sure that you will get all the maximum benefits of the product. You will also get free technical support and free software releases as well, in case of upgrades in the future. To sum it all, both the XRY and the XACT are considered as the all-in-one solution to your mobile forensics investigation needs. But you may be wondering where you can get these super products. I recommend that you check Manifest Marketing Limited, a certified corporation that is the best expert solutions company on security and communication. You can check their site at