Virtual Tree Planting at CLP Green Park

You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to help protect the environment—CLP Green Park has made it easy and simple for everyone from city girls to country boys to learn about Tree Planting.  You will be pleased to know that you are also helping raise donations to Green Projects across Asia-Pacific. Click here to play now.

For many city dwellers, the online world has become their second home.  Because of this trend, using the online world as a channel to raise the world’s awareness about the deteriorating condition of our ecosystems is only natural. CLP Green Park aims to portray an amazing world where people and nature can harmoniously exist together.  

How Does It Work?

For every virtual tree planted in the park, a total of HK$5 will be given to the 5 participating green partners. The organizations come from five different countries and all are dedicated in saving our nature. The funds are used in supporting projects for the preservation of biodiversity.

Green Partners

The information about each Green Partner is available on the CLP Green Park website.  In Hong Kong, the participating organization is The Conservancy Association which is founded in 1968. It is a non-government environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving the natural cultural heritage of their country.

How Will They Use The Money?

Funds donated to the participating environmental organization are budgeted according to the organization’s program plans, as each organization has planned different projects for the betterment of the environment. For example, The Conservancy Association of Hong Kong is working on the funds they have earned for Eco-Protectors, a program that targets environmental education for common people.

CLP Green Park is just one of the simple ways of helping our nature, their target is to plant a total of 100, 000 virtual trees and raise $500,000!

Visit to play now!!

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