Endangered No More: Zero Risks with the New Tarsier Closed Circuit Thermal Imager

September 18, 2010


Several thousands of miles across the sea is the beautiful island of Bohol, home to the famous Philippine Tarsier – considered to be one among thousands of endangered species in the world today. What’s so interesting about this small animal is its unique ability to rotate its head 180 degrees. Add up the tarsier’s very large eyes, reputed to be the only animal to have such big eye to body ratio, and you have an animal that is able to see exceptionally well at night. And with those exceptional night vision eyes and movable ears that can almost hear any movement, the result is an animal that perfectly embodies the kind of security we must have today.

You have probably heard the news about the Philippine hostage situation wherein some Hong Kong Chinese nationals were carelessly held hostage on the bus for almost 12 hours. Ironically, with today’s CCTV technology, we find that there is still more to learn out there. Simply put, we need more security innovations and advancements for the merciless threats of today. This is why a new kind of closed circuit thermal imager or CCTI is being developed by Manifest Marketing Limited.

Inspired by the Tarsier’s astounding abilities, the promising Tarsier Closed Circuit Thermal Imager is definitely something to look out for. First things first; one of the best features of the Tarsier CCTI is its 24-hour 7 days a week functionality. This means that this great tool will immerse its extra-sensitive eyes for you every single minute, so you won’t have to worry about getting breached by those pesky thieves at night. The tarsier CCTI works at its best at night. Even the shadow is no excuse and the various light conditions brought about by fog and smoke will not affect the efficiency of the tarsier at all. Now that’s really something worthy of a second look.

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If you are questioning the Tarsier’s durability and life expectancy, it helps to know that the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC through the International Protection Rating Code has rated the Tarsier to be IP66 certified. This means that the Tarsier CCTI is highly effective against solid and liquid intrusion. Talk about maximum durability and resistance! Also built for the extremes, the Tarsier has a maximum temperature threshold of +80 degree Celsius and a minimum threshold of -40 degrees Celsius. The whole product is also metal-coated with aluminum for ensured life expectancy.

Another interesting factor to check out is the Tarsier’s lenses that are both adaptable and flexible to various ranges and distances. Equipped with features such as the zoom feature and control over brightness and contrast, you have the perfect surveillance and protection for your business and home. Use the Tarsier CCTI anywhere you want. With a very easy set-up and installation procedure, you will be on your way to finally getting the good night’s sleep you have been longing to have for many days now.

To start using the new Tarsier CCTI surveillance system, you can visit the Hong Kong based company Manifest Marketing Limited, the premier security solutions expert in Asia. You can visit their site at http://manifest-hk.com/.

The Leading Industry Solution for Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers – Mawashi R4-3 Suit

September 18, 2010

Mawashi R4-3 Suit by Manfest Marketing

Mawashi R4-E Suit is a Personal Protective Equipment Crowd Management/ Correctional Suit of Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc. which is distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing , Hong Kong.

Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc is a leading developer and manufacturer of personal protective equipment for law enforcement, correctional service, and military users and the challenging environments they work in.

Mawashi R4-E Suit delivers unprecedented flexibility, cooling, comfort, and coveralls to law enforcement and corrections officers in conjunction with being the first blunt impact protection PPE that meets the impact attenuation criteria of the recently released performance standard CAN/CSA Z617-06. This exceptional combination of protection and function makes Mawashi R4-E Suit the industry leading solution for law enforcement and corrections officers directly such as civil disturbances, cell extractions, riot control, violent inmate disturbances, and other emergency response operations.


Mawashi R4-E Suit has a full range-of-motion and complete ease-of-motion which is specially designed for the wearers to easily move the shoulder, elbow, mid-section, and knee. Wearers who tried the suit say “it is so flexible, it feels like you’re not wearing anything”.


Mawashi R4-E Suit has a highly effective mesh-ventilation layer throughout the arm and leg regions to help with cooling the wearer and reduce heat stress effects.


Mawashi R4-E Suit has high level of standby comfort which is easy and fast to don and doff upper assembly and lower assembly.


Mawashi R4-E Suit is a flame resistant coverall which has an optional blood-borne pathogen resistant coverall.

For more information about Mawashi R4-E Suit , please visit our website Manifest Marketing, HongKong, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.