Intensified Vision Equipment Now Possible With Kite In Asia Through Manifest Marketing!

Qioptiq Limited is the world-renowned producer of Kite, a high quality intensified night vision equipment. The Kite’s line of products is now available in Asia through Manifest Marketing and continues to deliver its quality products worldwide.

Amidst battlefields or any operations requiring intensified vision, weapon sights are very important. Weapon sights are specialized equipments where night and medium range vision are possible for surveillance and target engagement. This kind of equipment is mostly needed by armies and policemen for everyday operations. Manifest Marketing of Hong Kong started to offer this line of product in Asia and continues to offer other quality products from Qioptiq Limited, the producer of Kite. To learn more about their products, here are some of the notable products to consider in terms of short to long range vision equipments:


Kite is lightweight and compact night vision equipment currently used by more than 50 countries worldwide. It has 4x magnification and is suitable to use for short to medium range weapons. It can operate even under lowlight conditions and capable of up to nine degrees field of view. It uses two 1.5V AA batteries that can last up to 70 hours of continuous usage.

Maxikite-1 and Maxikite-2

These two equipments are also compact and lightweight in nature. They have 6x magnification and suitable for medium to long range and large caliber weapons. Maxikite-1 and Maxikite-2 use two 1.5V AA batteries for continuous 40 hours usage. Particularly, Maxikite-1 is suitable for 7.62 and 12.7 (0.5) caliber weapons and can use interface brackets in order to mount it in different weapons. On the other hand, Maxikite-2 is good for 7.62 and .50/12.7 caliber weapons and suitable as well for interface brackets.


These lightweight and compact monocular intensified vision equipments are good to use for short to long range surveillance. KOS has x4 magnification at 9° field of view while MAXICOS has x6 magnification at 5.5° field of view. These two equipments both have ruggedized design and can operate even under lowlight conditions. Both uses two 1.5V AA batteries and user controls are limited to on/off switch and objective focus.

With Kite’s line of products from Qioptiq Limited, intensified short up to long range night vision equipments are definitely possible. Just make sure to find the right Kite equipment compatible for your weapon in order to ensure fully intensified vision for different operations!

To know more about Kite from Qioptiq Limited, just add Manifest Marketing on Facebook and Twitter in order to get the latest updates from them.

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