Edible Arrangement– Making every party memorable and special

There is a new way of enjoying all your celebrations—the nutritious way! Nobody enjoys worrying about their waistline and  diet during the holidays.  Edible Arrangements Hong Kong s the perfect way to indulge guiltfree through every occasion!

Looking after your diet closely is difficult at parties when all you want to do is have fun and enjoy yourself.  Plus, who wants to be counting calories between bites when you are trying to have a conversation the cute guy you just met at the Joe’s birthday party? With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, every bite is sweet, low in calorie and nutritious.

Edible Arrangements is an innovative gifting and party idea where fresh fruits is sculpted into flowers and arranged into a stunning bouquet. You can pick a range of fruit (cantalope, bananas, apples, oranges_ or only a favourite (strawberry!) and choose to dip it in our gourmet white and milk chocolates for a yummy indulgence that is figure friendly! Every bouquet is personalized so that every special occasion is memorable and unique.

Visit Edible Arrangments Hong Kong: http://www.ediblearrangements.hk

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