Edible Arrangements Introduces Healthy Gift Ideas to Hong Kong

March 4, 2011

Health conscious? Nowadays, it’s easy to stay healthy with so many innovations in the food industry. One of the brightest innovations is the fresh fruit bouquet, only from Edible Arrangements.

Nowadays, the trend is to stay healthy, foregoing the preservatives for the healthful. A healthy diet involves making wise food choices, including picking fresh over processed. Edible Arrangements wants to share the gospel to ensure you and your loved ones live healthily and naturally.

Edible Arrangements makes it easy to give the gift of health and to indulge in a health-conscious lifestyle. Instead of giving pastries as gifts, give fruit. Edible Arrangements has brought fruit-giving to an art form by allowing you to spice up your basket through arrangement and presentation. The primary mission of Edible Arrangements is to provide you with a unique fruit bouquet for every occasion. Their expertise in fruit carving and presentation is world renowned, so many people prefer an Edible Arrangements as the ideal gift.

Discover the Goodness of Fruit Bouquets

Fruit is universally recognised as a healthy treat, generally reserved to hospital and family visits. Now, Edible Arrangements has jazzed fruit up so it’s presentable to a broader demographic and for more diverse occasions. Edible Arrangements carves a diversity of fruit and arranges them on skewers to resemble floral bouquets. It can be eaten once received, without the need for washing and peeling. Who doesn’t love food on a stick? Edible Arrangements appeals to this sense of nostalgia and the obsession with devouring skewered foods. The bouquet is also very beautiful and presentable, so everyone will be impressed with this gift.

How Healthy It Could Be

Edible Arrangements provides different fruit for different bouquets, so you can customise your ideal gift. They offer bouquets with abundant fruit combinations or some composed of one to two kinds of fruit. Some Edible Arrangements have chocolate-dipped fruit to add a special touch. Fruits are already rich in vitamins and antioxidants while the addition of chocolate adds flavonoids (which act as antioxidants) to the bouquet. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body, the chemical responsible for cancer development. It also strengthens the body’s immune system to better protect us against disease. Thus, giving an Edible Arrangements can express how much you care.

Arrangement and Presentation

Edible Arrangements has many bouquets to choose from, offering various arrangements for different occasions. Just choose which Edible Arrangements best conveys your intent. Don’t worry about gift-wrapping and presentation, Edible Arrangements wraps the bouquet in clear cellophane and ensures it’s well sealed, promising freshness and aesthetics upon delivery.

Share the goodness of fruit while adding a special touch with an Edible Arrangements. A healthy gift’s always the best choice, so the cliché goes: health is wealth!

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