Fresh Fruit Sculptures for St. Patrick’s Day from Edible Arrangements

March 16, 2011
Are you looking for something new to spice up your celebration in the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day? With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, you can find fresh fruit sculptures that can definitely highlight the whole celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day is considered one of the most awaited celebrations of the year. Decorations are important as each one can symbolize tradition in celebrating this special event. For this reason, it’s common to use festive foods and decorations in order to line the celebration with the usual tradition before. And in spicing up everything, fresh fruit bouquet is a great idea.
Trying Something New

Commonly used food decorations during St. Patrick’s Day include plain fruits and Irish-influenced bouquet arrangements. So why not try to combine them all into one decoration? You can do it through fresh fruit sculptures where fruits are carved in order to make colorful bouquets. It is a great idea in this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day as it can make the celebration look festive. Around five to eight kinds of fruits are used in making the fruit bouquet and each fruit complements the color of the other fruits, so a perfectly harmonized fruit bouquet is made.
Decorative and Festive
During St. Patrick’s Day, it is a common custom to serve festive treats and foods in the household table. Through this way, previous traditions in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day are well-observed. Fruits, cakes and other delicacies are usually served and in making the table more decorative, serving fresh fruit sculpture is a good idea. Fresh fruit bouquets look festive as well since a maximum of seven to eight kinds of fruits are used, making it well-fitted for the celebration.
Absolutely Edible

Fresh fruit bouquets look so decorative and it is edible as well. Since it is made from fresh fruits, you can readily eat it whenever desired. Some designs of Edible Arrangements even have fruits dipped in chocolate to make the fruit sculpture more appetizing. So every after the fresh fruit sculpture is used, you can indulge yourself into the sweetness of the fruits from the bouquet.

With the goodness of fruit bouquets, you can now make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration unique and festive. Edible Arrangements in Hong Kong can bring you these fruit sculptures to make your celebration special. It is easy to pick a design that can suit your budget and preference; just look at each fruit sculpture design presented and select one that captures your taste and heart for the upcoming event!
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Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s Fresh Fruit Bouquets – A Healthy Way of Gift-Giving

March 16, 2011
Are you looking for healthy gift ideas? Follow the trend in giving the gift of health. For the health-conscious, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers fresh fruit bouquets for a gift that’s unique and healthy.
In the past, giving chocolates, pastries and other sweets was very common. However, as people became health-conscious, sweets have become a faux pas. Nowadays, healthier gift ideas are available, like Edible Arrangements Hong Kong‘s fresh fruit bouquets. An Edible Arrangement is made of fresh fruit carved into beautiful shapes and arranged into an impressive bouquet. It is an ideal gift that can also function as a decorative piece, especially in parties, celebrations and other events. With so many designs to choose from, you have endless choices in selecting a gift or a decoration for your celebration and party needs.
Why Fresh Fruit Bouquets Are Healthy
Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s fresh fruit bouquets are made from 100% fresh fruit. There are no preservatives, food colouring or flavour enhancers used in the bouquet. An Edible Arrangement can help strengthen the body’s immune system as fruit are packed with vitamins and other nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants so your body can fight free radicals, the most common predisposing factor in cancer development and other autoimmune diseases. By simply eating fruit, you are doubling your body’s protection from illness and with an Edible Arrangement, you can get this benefit in an appetising way.


More Nutrients!
There are a variety of Edible Arrangements to choose from, allowing you to customise the bouquet to the recipient. Some Edible Arrangements include fruit dipped or semi-dipped in chocolate. Chocolate is another ideal source of antioxidants but it must be consumed moderately if you don’t want it to spoil your weight. If chocolate isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options to personalise your bouquet, like shredded coconut meat, almonds, cinnamon and many more.

Welcome the Spring Season with Fruit Bouquets
Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new season than with an Edible Arrangements Hong Kong fresh fruit bouquet? Feel the spirit of spring with colourful fresh fruit artfully shaped and arranged. Entice your appetite with this aesthetic ready-to-eat option.
Stay healthy with the goodness of fruit at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. With their fresh fruit bouquets, you can have a healthy gift idea for your loved ones or a healthy edible decoration for your next celebration!
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