Have a healthy lifestyle with Edible Arrangements!

May 5, 2011

Health. Diet. Green. Organic. Nutrition. These seem to be the by-words these days. It’s like we’re reminded of the need to go back to the “basics” – to what’s really important and to things that may seem elementary but really matter. Suddenly, we’re facing a truth: that everyone seemed to be in such inexplicable hurry the past few years that companies used to cater to those who were fond of all things “instant.” Alas, that’s no longer the main concern these days. These days, the “in” things are healthy lifestyle, good diet and fruit nutrition. Yes, you read that right – fruit nutrition.

After all, aren’t fruits good for the body? They’re literally nature’s delicious gifts to us and while we know they’re good for our health, we either have no time to purchase them, let alone have the luxury of time to choose the freshest ones, yes?

Enter Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. Did you know that they produce hand sculpted fruit arrangements made to resemble flowers in bloom? Take their Easter Party edible arrangement for instance. It’s one delectable looking festive treat composed of pineapple daisies, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydews and grapes topped with chocolate covered pineapple bunnies. It’s a merry mix of yellows, reds, yellow orange and greens…and yes, browns for the chocolate! It’s an edible arrangement that will not only make for the best gift but can also be the star of your party! It can even be a great conversation piece!

So as you can see, fruit nutrition isn’t all that difficult to achieve. With those talented folks over at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, you can be sure of the freshest fruit picks and, with a dash of magic entirely of their own, one tasty treat!

Order today! Delivery can be made the same day if you place your order before 4 pm. You can also drop by the Edible Arrangements shop at IFC Mall, Podium Level, Three Shop 3012

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