Non profit org launches fundraising event for China kids

Just how many stories have we heard about the poverty, lack of education-related programs, lack of access to proper nutrition and even cases of HIV/AIDS infection among children in China? Bet you will say that you have heard many. Too many, in fact. Not only have we heard of these many stories in the past but bet you continue to hear these sad stories. And no child whether from China or not deserve that kind of life.

Good thing there are non-profit organizations such as Le Kids ( whose members have made a lifelong commitment to help the disadvantaged children in rural China. Le Kids aims to help children get what they truly deserve – access to education, proper health and nutrition and good quality of life that will prepare them to face a better future and be stronger, more empowered citizens of their country.

The Le Kids organization is so committed to achieving these goals that they will even spearhead a fundraising event from Xian to Beijing. The event, dubbed “Warriors to Wall Ride,” will start on May 6 to May 10, 2011. “Warriors to Wall Ride” is an endurance cycling event from Xian, from the home of the ancient Terra-cotta Warriors to iconic Great Wall of China, and which will finish at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The challenging route will take riders on an unforgettable journey visiting World Heritage sites and world famous attractions in Mainland China.

Participants of this fundraising event will include at least 20 executives and senior manager from Accor, a network of world class hotels and resorts. All the money raised will go to the Chi Heng Foundation, which does not only provide education to HIV/AIDS impacted children but also memorable experiences all designed to lift a child’s spirit and make them smile.

Visit Le Kids to learn more about this worthwhile cause.

Le kids website:
Warriors To Wall Ride:
Twitter :!/lekidsorg
Sina Weibo:

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