Edible Arrangements Hong Kong + PRDA is equal to social media success!

One of the businesses that’s fast gaining ground in Hong Kong these days is Edible Arrangements Hong Kong (www.ediblearrangements.com.hk) The company, Another new store opened just last April 2011, is engaged in producing fresh fruit arrangements. Their fresh fruit bouquets are special and very unique – some of the fruits found in the bouquet are dipped in premium grade chocolate and some are cut into flower shapes. Together they’re all arranged into one visually appetizing treat.

Because this concept of producing fresh fruit arrangements is relatively new and a niche in itself in Hong Kong, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong incorporated the power of social media in their sales and marketing campaign. The company uses social media to promote their brand, to introduce new products to the consumers and yes, to introduce their new store (which opened just last April.) The company decided to use social media because they know that having a cost efficient online campaign was also crucial and necessary – given all the mobile options for the buying public these days – what with the advent of tablets, 3G and WiFi ready phones and other gadgets. Social media is, after all, already an inherent part not only of the business sector but more importantly, of the consumer sector as well.

Now in order to come up with an efficient social media campaign, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong teamed up with Prosperity Research Digital Agency or PRDA. Considered as Hong Kong’s most established social media agency with over 250 successful campaigns to date, PRDA helped Edible Arrangements introduce their unique products to the buying public. And the results were not only favorable but were definitely astounding. Within just a few weeks, the social media work done by PRDA produced wonderful results. Now, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has made a mark both online and offline.

http://www.facebook.com/ediblearrangementshk http://twitter.com/#!/ediblearrangehk

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