Have your own version of Thai fruit carvings

June 30, 2011

Did you know that there’s an interesting story behind the origin of Thai fruit carvings? The widely recognized accounted appearance was reportedly at the Loi Krathong Festival or the Floating Lantern Festival in the Empire of Thailand roughly 700 years ago. The Floating Lantern Festival is held during the full moon on the month of December to thank the spirit of water by floating little decorated rafts with lanterns right along the river.

These days, traditional Thai fruit carvings are often detailed watermelon table decors. Incoporated with these decors are delicate flowers with interesting animal designs. More often than not, the carvings are made out of vegetables and fruits that are all, of course, edible. Although almost any fruit can be used, watermelons remain to be the most popularly used for this purpose. Other things to be considered when creating Thai fruit carvings are that they should have unique colors (i.e. red, pink or yellow of the meat, the white of the rind and the green of the skin) and that they should symbolize the region where they’re from.

Now all of these details may sound a little too much for you but did you know that there’s a simple way for you to have your own version of these Thai fruit carvings and of the Floating Lantern Festival without so much ado? You can actually just sit back and relax and have your own fruit carvings ready for pick-up or delivery!

Just place an order at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong (www.ediblearrangements.hk) They produce the freshest, juiciest, most delicious and stunningly arranged fruit bouquets. They have a very wide array of choices for you that you can have your very own fruit party just about anywhere you want. It even does not have to be in Thailand.

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Popular Korean heartthrob Rain makes a smash at MCM opening in Hong Kong Central…and on Sina Weibo!

June 29, 2011

Not only did popular Korean actor, singer, model and performer Rain take the breath away of thousands of fans (female ones, more particularly!) who attended the opening of MCM in Hong Kong Central, his appearance at the event also created quite a stir on Sina Weibo, the most popular microblogging site among the Chinese.

Rain’s attendance at the opening of MCM in Hong Kong Central generated at least 450 tweets on Weibo and guess who was responsible for 40 of those tweets? SOUTV, of course!

SOUTV, the digital publishing arm of PRDA Asia, is the one-stop source for entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and social media info that’s sure to capture everyone’s fancy. Needless to say, SOUTV’s tweets generated not only excitement for the event and for Rain but also, may we daresay, generated additional security challenges for the MCM peeps. Good thing the fans, guests and everyone else at the event were in their best behavior and the night was truly one to remember!

MCM is a luxury German fashion brand. Its latest foray in Hong Kong is a stand-alone boutique in Harbour City shopping center in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The store is a 120 sq. m. luxury paradise filled with leather goods, shoes, hand bags and accessories. While it’s true that Korean eye candy Rain was one of the biggest draws during the event, people also came to meet legendary New York stylist Patricia Field (a.k.a. the woman behind those swanky threads on Sex And The City!), Hong Kong Canto-pop singer and actress Sammi Cheng and models Qiqi Yum and Jocelyn Luko.

The launch was truly for the books and we have Rain (and social media, courtesy of SOUTV) to be thankful for.

Cheers to MCM!

Understanding the Chinese web surfer

June 28, 2011

We all know that China has the biggest population in the whole world. Given that fact, it’s no wonder that more and more webmasters, bloggers, social media practitioners and even ordinary businessmen want to gain attention among the Chinese. One really good example of just how fervent the hope of people to get as much attention from China as possible is the very strong demand to be included in the popular Chinese search engine, Baidu.com That site is like the Google counterpart in China. Once your site is included, consider yourself a lucky man.

You can also consider patting yourself on the back if you’re fond of writing about finance, investments and properties. This, because those topics are apparently the most browsed or searched for topics among the Chinese.

According to an online article, Chinese people like searching for topics related to investments, properties or just about anything related to money and finance the most. This basically means that a rich Chinese man who surfs the web is most likely to look for topics on how to make himself even richer! The next topic that the Chinese web surfer also like to read is music information. Next up are topics about cars then literature and the arts then leisure, travel and vacation. Interestingly, the Chinese spend lesser time reading up on IT and communications. Rounding up the list are shopping and dining guides, education and training then lastly, relationships. Which practically means that wanting to get rich or even richer is the top most priority among Chinese these days than hooking up with someone. Is that good or bad news?

Nonetheless, the figures tell us one thing: if you want to gain attention from the world’s biggest population, then just write about the greens, the bling-bling and the moneymakers.

Hand in hand with Wheel2Wheel

June 27, 2011

One of the challenges faced by independent non-profit organizations is to let their causes be known by as many people – nay, as many donors, volunteers and other interested parties – as possible. Truth be told, this is the biggest challenge that a non-profit organization should, would and could face. And it does not help when you add the fact that the information dissemination should be done as fast as possible and in the most cost-efficient (read: lowest cost or better yet, free!) way possible.

This was a challenge not unknown to Wheel2Wheel. Wheel2Wheel was founded by Morgan Parker to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognized charitable organizations throughout Australasia. An independent non-profit organization, Wheel2Wheel knew that they only had limited time and resources to spread the word. And to top it all off – Wheel2Wheel knew that they had to do everything alongside the fact that they also had to rally up interest for social responsibility as well as donations from generous souls. It was, no doubt, a big yet exciting challenge.

That’s when they decided to work hand in hand with Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA). PRDA was founded by Douglas White who loved the idea of social media being the most cost-efficient measure to exercise social responsibility. A social media agency based in Hong Kong, PRDA saw the magnanimity of Wheel2Wheel’s passion, dedication and goals. Hence, working together became an easy task. And it helped a great deal when the people behind PRDA liked working alongside organizations that do social good. After all, what’s social media if you don’t do it for the benefit of many?

As soon as PRDA and Wheel2Wheel forged a partnership, everything just jelled together. Both proved that by working hand in hand, with social media as part of their driving force, no challenge is too magnanimous to overcome.


How a few mouse clicks can help give the healthy lifestyle advocacy a shot in the arm

June 25, 2011

A lot of organizations, businessmen, eco and social entrepreneurs and other “green” and “organic” advocates have been busy promoting healthy lifestyle, practices, exercises and eco products the past few years. However, we all know that there is still so much to be done and this healthy lifestyle industry is still at its infancy stage. There’s still too much potential and a whole lot of possibilities. Plus, there’s the fact that organizations and offline businesses can only do so much.

Enter — social media and the many things it can do for the betterment of the healthy food industry. Yes, with just a few mouse clicks — i.e. a few shares of tips, trends and helpful articles about the benefits of healthy food and healthy lifestyle via Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and other social networking websites — the healthy lifestyle advocacy can really get its much needed shot in the arm. Social media can give this industry a big boost — and for a minimal (or in many cases, free) expense as well!

Just take the case of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They produce fresh fruit arrangements. Their fruit bouquets are widely recognized as great gift ideas especially since they use healthy, fresh and juicy fruits such as cantaloupes, honeydews, strawberries, pineapples, grapes and oranges. Since they know that this is a relatively new idea in Hong Kong, they got the services of social media agency Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) Asia. PRDA then worked its magic, tapping the vast and powerful social media industry to spread the word about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong and the good products that they have. Needless to say, the campaign has been a big success so far.

Now just think of what this can do for other healthy lifestyle-related products and services! The possibilities are definitely endless!


What your wedding organizer must tell you: one new, fresh way to set your wedding apart!

June 24, 2011

Because a wedding is, hands down, one of the most important events in a person’s life, it is then completely understandable if a bride wants it to become the most memorable, most sentimental, most remarkable and, more often than not, most talked about! After all, while a wedding is both for the groom and the bride, the latter is mostly the “star” of the day.

Hence, if you’re the type of bride who simply wants to make her own wedding a tad more unique, then here’s one new, fresh way to do just that! Why don’t you ask your wedding organizer about the fresh fruit bouquets and lovely wedding gift sets from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong?

Don’t settle for the usual flowers. Instead, choose edible, healthy, juicy and fresh! Can you imagine how special it’d be if your wedding features fresh fruits designed, cut and arranged in such a way that they’d look like real daisies and sunflowers? You and your bridesmaids can even nibble on some while you have your hair and make-up done! Place an arrangement inside your groom’s room and for sure the butterflies in his stomach (due to excitement!) will calm down when he and his groomsmen see (and share) the cleverly designed fresh fruits. What’s more – Edible Arrangements Hong Kong can also produce fun and easy breezy wedding gift sets for you. To give you a better idea of what to expect when you have these beautiful and truly astounding fresh fruit arrangements during your wedding day, check these photos at Edible Arrangements HK Facebook Page .

So what are you waiting for? Ask your wedding organizer now to arrange an appointment over at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They have two shops – one at G05 Nathan Square, 348 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon. (Tel. No. 852 2385 0158) and another one at 3012, IFC Mall – Podium, Central (Tel. No. 852 2295 1108).


Yes, the power of social media can help clean the air we breathe

June 22, 2011

By definition, social media is the medium for social interaction. Using web-based and mobile technologies, social media has literally made the world smaller — with just a few clicks, a couple of keyboard taps and quick share of information, the world has become one big interactive platform. Because it’s easy to use and highly accessible, social media is now also being tapped for events, causes and things that can somehow create change in society. Enter – social media for social good.

One perfect example of how social media is helping causes is by taking a quick look on the Clean Air Network and the good work they do. The Clean Air Network’s mission is to educate the public about the health impacts of air pollution and encourage Hong Kongers to speak out in favor of better air quality management, a flash mob type of event was held recently in Hong Kong. The event was very well participated in — proving that there is, indeed, a clamor for better, cleaner and healthier air in Hong Kong.

Social media played a big role in the promotion of this flash mob type of event. Via the power of social media, more Hong Kongers knew about the event. As a result, more decided to take part in such a cause that aimed to spread awareness and to encourage more people to fight for their rights.

Which, ultimately, was in consonance with the goals of both PRDA Asia and Wheel2Wheel. Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA), a Hong Kong-based social media agency, along with Wheel2Wheel, an independent non-profit organization, supported the Clean Air Network and even sent some representatives to join the flash mob. Both PRDA and Wheel2Wheel officials say that they wanted to highlight and honor the Clean Air Network and the good work that they do, hence, they joined the event and they attested that they truly felt empowered. Nothing beats joining events that are for the good of many!


Tips on how to spread the word about a hip and trendy idea

June 17, 2011

As you may or may not know by now, Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) Asia is a social media agency. We take pride in the fact that we have hundreds of successful campaigns under our belt and that we continue to help small, medium and large businesses gain not only new and repeat customers but a good reputation and brand recall especially in the Internet. And so we’re a little bit used to the fact that people ask us this: “just how do you spread the word about a hip and trendy idea?”

To answer that question, we often share the “story” behind one of our clients, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. EA HK is a business that engages in producing healthy, fresh and juicy fruit bouquets. Now, fruit bouquets is basically a new idea in Hong Kong and we knew from the get-go that we needed to bring out the needed “artillery” to introduce it to the Hongkies — and fast! Armed with the power of social media, the PRDA soldiers campaigned to equate the yummy treats by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong to summer. Yes, the very same glorious, sunny, happy summer we all love. We wanted to remind the Hong Kong customers of that feeling of crazy fun summers all of us experienced at one point in our lives. And when you remember those happy days, you also equate those days with fresh fruits…perhaps fruits dipped in rich dark chocolate…what about fruits that are designed to appear like flowers…yes, yes, yes…fresh fruit arrangements by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong! As you can see, the process of letting target customers equate summer to EA HK isn’t easy but then again, we’re PRDA and that’s exactly why our clients trust us to make magic happen!

Modesty aside, we DO make use not only of social media but other online measures that will help our clients – and thankfully, they’ve all been satisfied with our work. And the feeling of crazy summers is coming back to us now…:)

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How we cheer up and celebrate Dads, poppas, Papas and fathers

June 16, 2011

Don’t know about you but in our book, we only have two ways to cheer up every gloomy looking father, Dad, poppa and Papa. These are two tried and tested ways to entice smiles from the men who not only helped rear us but also made us feel complete.

First method is to say “I love you, Dad” You can say it in any language and every father would understand. It can be your way of showing your father the appreciation that he deserves and most probably, needs.

Second tried and tested method is to give him treats from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. These guys whip up the best fresh fruit bouquets known to man. Seriously. We’re big fans of their products that that’s probably the reason why they asked us over here at PRDA Asia to help them spread the word about their yummy, healthy, juicy treats.

Allow us to give you an idea of what you can give your fathers on Father’s Day. Actually, these treats can be given to a husband, a grandfather, a father, an uncle, a godfather or just about any man who has helped raise a child. We highly recommend the Delicious Daisy with Dipped Pineapple fresh fruit arrangement. The Dipped Apples and Strawberries (all dipped in dark chocolate – who can resist that, really?) is another amazing choice. However, the creme of the crop, we must say, is the Father’s Day Delight. And no, we’re not saying that because the name itself is a give away — we’re letting you on in the secret because we got first dibs on this and we’ve given it a two thumbs up sign!

Do yourself a favor and just give Edible Arrangements Hong Kong a try. That way, it’s also like you giving us a pat on the back because we’ve partnered with (and have been trusted by) the best.

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How to keep your employees happy and healthy!

June 10, 2011

In business, it can be difficult to find good, reliable employees. It’s even more difficult to retain these good, reliable employees. Hence, it is important for business owners to also know how to boost his or her employees’ morale and keep them happy, contented, comfortable with their work and healthy! Yes, an ideal boss should also have his or her employees’ health in consideration. And what better way to do this but to reward them with fresh fruit arrangements!

Practically everybody loves fruits — so much more when they’re fresh, delicious and tastefully decorated and designed to appear as if they’re real flower bouquets! These artfully made fresh fruit bouquets can be ordered via Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

Their Simply Dipped Daisies arrangement, for instance, with its chocolate dipped pineapple daisies, cantaloupe and accented with fresh grapes, is a surefire hit as a boss’ way to show appreciation towards an employee especially for a job well done.

These fruit bouquets are not just for employees, mind you. These edible fruit bouquets ccan also be given as gifts for clients or tokens of appreciation. Nothing else says “hello and thank you for trusting us!” than the Delicious Daisy arrangement. Composed of sweet strawberries, honeydew, pineapples, grapes and melon, your target or potential client will surely be a real client in no time! Deal’s signed, sealed and delivered!

Meanwhile, if you want to give corporate gifts, you may want to opt for the a dozen fresh strawberries hand dipped in gourmet dark chocolate. These inviting pieces will surely delight your business partners and clients.

Log on to https://www.ediblearrangements.hk/Corporate/Corporate_Ordering.aspx
today and learn more about Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s corporate offers. You can order online and even place multiple orders for various recipients! Corporate accounts are welcome.

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