Look who’s loving the social media scene so much these days!

Well, look who’s loving the social media scene so much these days — no other than the “oldies” a.k.a. those whom you probably once thought are mere seniors and are not interested in Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus and other social networking tools and websites. Think again!

Don’t look now but these seniors now are even doing research on brands because of a pre-existing affinity for them. These seniors, according to recent surveys and studies, even want to be kept informed of the brands that they like or have affinity for. And this poses as a challenge to entrepreneurs who want to target these seniors…who, by the way, have money to spare! For wise businessmen, they’d most probably want to target seniors more than the younger ones since the former have the buying power. Still, this does not discount the fact that the younger generation also needs to be kept interested.

Which brings us to yet another challenge for those out there who want to target both the younger and the older demographics – are you ready for all of these? What tools, strategies and plans have you employed so far in order to attract the attention of these markets?

Let’s quickly look at the statistics. As of September 2010, Wedbush Securities-led research shows that only 1 out of 4 of Facebook’s oldest users had “liked” a brand. However, things changed by November 2010. Those with ages more than 55 have begun to close the gap and by April 2011, nearly half have started connecting with brands. Statistics say that 59 percent adult Facebook users have liked a brand and this is even 47 percent up the previous September. Now is this exciting or what? Remember, this seemingly fresh market has the buying power. You wouldn’t want to NOT get their attention!

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