Are you an Internet star? In China, you have 30 percent more influence than a TV star!

Yes, you read that right. If you’re an Internet star (or if you have plans of becoming one pretty soon!), then chances are you have 30 percent more influence than a TV star in China! This is because in China, Internet is 30 percent more influential than TV. That means that if you’re an Internet hit, you’re far more influential and more popular than your regular TV star. Now for web junkies and people who simply want to have an easier, faster (and not to mention cheaper) way of gaining attention, this is definitely welcome news.

For the traditional media people, however, this poses a big challenge for them. How should traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines and television (both cable and free TV) now compete with the seemingly fast rising, unending demand for the Internet?

Most of the large media corporations have already started adopting social media techniques to keep the tech-savvy younger generation within its fold. Some of these traditional media outlets have started establishing their online media presence – from Facebook to Twitter to Sina Weibo to Plurk and now to Google Plus. Their websites are no longer just “corporate” and formal looking. Their websites are now more interactive. Their websites now have good content that can easily be shared by their followers and by their followers’ followers. The key now is to offer viral content. They know that if they don’t do this, they will quickly lose the loyalty and attention of a lot of the formerly traditional media-dependent public.

Things are changing and given the latest reports that indicate that the purchase influence of CCTV is 30 percent lower than that of the Internet, expect the traditional media industry to have a different face sooner than expected. For now, the public can bask in sheer excitement over the fact that, yes, even ordinary people can be more influential than TV, thanks to the wonder of the world wide web.

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