Armani and Aqua bedazzle Hong Kong

August 31, 2011

What happens when two famous names decide to team up and create one amazing place? What do you think the result would be when great minds, wonderful talents, world class skills and creative geniuses team up? You know it. The result will be nothing less than spectacular.

Giorgio Armani, the famous fashion designer, and Hong Kong hospitality giant Aqua group have forged an alliance like no other. They have formed Armani Aqua, which is seen to be the be all and end all of the fine dining, toast worthy drinks, sophisticated night club and fun and relaxing lounge experience right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. It’s a fusion of creativity, masterful style, beauty and elegance. It’s almost as if you can eat and drink the very words to describe the entire experience at Armani Aqua!

Just how fascinating is Armani Aqua? Let’s put it this way: you drink delicious champagne as you sample sashimi, asparagus risotto with king prawn, squid with artichoke, pan fried pacific oysters and Australian beef cheek with miso soup — all skillfully prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

Just how much “a must go-to” place is Armani Aqua? It’s the venue where you can toast to success, hope and resilience. It’s where you can virtually pat yourself on the back and say, “this is what I truly deserve for working well and for living well. This is the life and I deserve it.”

Just how delicious are the dishes at Armani Aqua? They serve food like it’s art – with passion, skill and that fervent desire that its effects will linger with you up until the time you come back and ask for more. All dishes are guaranteed to whet any appetite!

Everything you see, smell, hear and feel at Armani Aqua is also backed by hospitality giant Aqua’s unquestionable professional and recognized expertise. So yes, you’re in the good hands.

So are you ready to indulge?

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Social media mistakes small businesses should avoid

August 30, 2011

It’s easy for small businesses to be social media rockstars. Since social media is cheap (and in most cases, free) and readily available, small businesses can just tap social media and use it to their heart’s content. However, while it’s great that small businesses have begun to acknowledge the power of social media, there are also a couple of social media mistakes that these businesses should also try to avoid. These mistakes can easily be committed by anyone and, yes, by small businesses.

First social media mistake is not having the passion. Sure, it’s easy to just register or sign up, create a social media account, post a link to your company website and that’s it. Sure, you may have claimed your social media accounts and all other blogs but that does not mean that you can now just sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen. Social media marketing should be an ongoing campaign and if you or your employees do not have the sheer passion to interact with other people (especially target customers) online, then don’t even try to start at all. Leave the task to a reliable digital agency like PRDA Asia.

Second social media mistake is not offering something once in a while. Let’s face it, people like asking the “what’s in it for me” question. So why not give your online friends a little something once in a while? Take the case of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They create special fruit bouquets and their stores are becoming more and more popular among Hong Kong residents who want unique gift ideas. In order to thank their loyal customers, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong thought of starting a drawing contest for kids! It was a great way not only to promote their products but more importantly, to interact with their customers. In turn, the customers were pleased with the attention given to them so they themselves promote the business through their own social networks! Talk about great PR!

These are just two social media mistakes that must be avoided so that small businesses will not risk committing very critical and perhaps even expensive mistakes. Better re-assess your own small business now and see what you can do in order to keep these mistakes at bay.

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How the return of Wheel2Wheel founder Morgan Parker is also social media’s success

August 26, 2011

How fast time flies. It was not too long ago when Wheel2Wheel founder Morgan Parker embarked on a historical journey. A journey that was borne out of sheer passion to help others, a philanthropic journey that, truth be told, had the makings of a great reality adventure show – 25,000 kilometers, 125 days, 10 humanitarian causes – aboard a motorcycle, no less!

Now, he’s back. After a successful adventure aboard his trusty motorbike, and with generous support from sponsor Hudson, Morgan Parker received the ultimate red carpet treatment on August 23, 2011. He also shared some of his amazing stories from the road including the misadventures and trials. The event was also serve as a launch pad of sorts for the upcoming Wheel2Wheel TV series.

Do you know, though, that over and above the successful charity ride of Morgan Parker, over and above the adventure and the show of humanity and care for others, this event also signals the success of social media? It signals the success of technology, of cost-efficient advertising and advocacy channels, of people empowerment and of social good.

Social media has played, is playing and will for sure continue to play a great role in not only Morgan Parker’s recent successful motorcycle expedition but also in Wheel2Wheel’s operation.

Because of social media, the independent, non-profit organization now enjoys tremendous support and donations not only from individuals but from other groups and associations as well. Because of social media, Wheel2Wheel’s causes have been made known and through the easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient methods possible. Because of social media, people’s innate desire to help was ignited and it did not take long before they made Wheel2Wheel’s messages, videos, pictures and weblinks viral. Talk about free and easy advertising! Because of social media, Morgan Parker, his staff, supporters, fellow volunteers and partners have proven that there should never be any reason not to go out there and do your share.

Morgan Parker’s journey was a success, all right. Hands down. And social media was part of the entire adventure.

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Easy long term food storage tips

August 24, 2011
We may not realize it but there are areas across the world where droughts, famines, ice storms and other natural disasters happen. These are instances whereby people would really need to not only have emergency kits, survival kits and disaster ready gear on hand but emergency food and emergency water as well. Needless to say, emergency food is very important for survival so here are easy long term food storage tips that you might want to remember:

First off, you must have proper containers if you want to store food. It is not advisable to use “recycled” materials especially those that are made out of plastic. This is because the plastic may have already accumulated molecules and these will only hasten the rotting process of food. As much as possible, use newly bought containers. It is also ideal for these containers to be made out of glass and that there should be accompanying caps or seals.

Secondly, be careful as to where you plan to store your food. Ideally, a place where there’s good room temperature is the best. If you have a well insulated pantry, well and good. Just make sure that the pantry is not that near your kitchen where the heat sources are. Now if you do not have a pantry but have a space that does not attract too much heat, then you can use that. You may even want to use the space under your bed if you really do not have any other choice.

Thirdly (and this is the most convenient tip!), why not purchase long term food supplies? Less hassle and definitely more convenient! You can buy long term food supplies from They sell simple and affordable ready made freeze dry and dehydrated meals. sells 72 hour emergency entree kits to the 84 serving grab and go bucket. And you won’t believe what type of servings they have – from savory stroganoff to teriyaki and rice to pasta alfredo to crunchy granola to chili macaroni to apple cinnamon cereal! Your order may even qualify for free shipping! So who says long term food supplies don’t rock?

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Tips on building your own emergency first aid kit for the home

August 23, 2011

Homes should never be without first aid kits. This is because we can never be too sure with life. Accidents are bound to happen and of course, emergencies can always crop up once in a while. Hence, it’s always best to be armed and ready.

This is why every home should ideally have its own emergency first aid kit.

Here are fast and easy tips to remember when building your own emergency first aid kit for the home:

1. A first aid kit must have various types of medicines. Common diseases that occur at home are fever or flu, cough, nausea, allergies and colds. You must make sure that you have medicines that can easily address these illnesses. Get medicines with paracetamol, loperamide or those that are for specific allergies. Your first aid kit must also have medicinal creams and band-aids just in case members of your household contracts burns or cuts.

2. Your first aid kit must also have certain items like knee pads, personal hygiene kits, face masks and even self heating wash cloths. There are instances when you would surely need these items. Like in the case of the self heating wash cloths, these are very handy especially if you need to cleanse your entire body without the use of water. You can find all these items and more at

3. Make sure that when you build your own emergency first aid kit for the home, you will only include quality items in your kit. This is very important. You would not want to risk the lives of your loved ones by buying poor quality first aid materials, would you? Thankfully, you need not worry about this when you buy your first aid kit materials from

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Top two things you must have during an emergency preparedness seminar

August 16, 2011
Are you planning to organize a disaster management or emergency preparedness seminar? Do you want to start an initiative whereby you want more people to understand the importance of being ready and prepared for disasters and being able to manage crisis better? Whether the attendees of your proposed seminar are relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors, there are two things that you must have on hand during an emergency preparedness seminar. These are the Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Guide and the Emergency Preparedness DVD.

We all know that the Red Cross organization has done a lot for communities around the world in terms of crisis management, humanitarian missions, disaster relief and emergency preparedness. They’re practically the best authority when it comes to emergency response. Hence, the Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Guide is a must read. Have several copies ready for distribution to your seminar participants.

The Emergency Preparedness DVD, on the other hand, is a great tool. Your seminar attendees will be taught about various disasters including pandemics and hurricanes and they will be briefed on how to respond and keep more danger at bay. The DVD covers very helpful topics such as evacuation, terrorism and safety. Truly worth watching!

And here’s some piece of good news – you can find these two items on Survival Goods! ( Now it’s easier for you to prepare that emergency preparedness seminar. With just a few clicks, you can now have these two great tools on your doorstep.

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The emergency kit that will ease you from child-related headaches

August 12, 2011
It’s difficult to be a mom. It’s even more difficult if you’re a mom of a young child. At age 2 (the Terrible Two, as they say), a child becomes more active, more animated and, more often than not, more of a headache. Taking a small child around will not be an easy task and although a lot of mothers bring nannies around, let’s face it, not a lot can afford to hire help. So in times like going out of town for a quick weekend break, here’s something that mothers should bring — a child emergency kit!

With items inside the kit such as port a potty, collapsible cup, solar blanket, drinking water, apple cinnamon food bar, diapers, toilet chemicals and even toys, crayons and coloring book (to keep them busy while you attend to important things), this emergency kit can help keep you prepared just in case the small one starts to demand attention and care. A first aid kit, a poncho, towelettes and bar of soap are also included in this kit. You never know when you’ll need seemingly ordinary things like these! Believe us, it pays to be “fully armed” and “prepared” when it comes to children!

Visit Survival Goods ( and order your child emergency kit today. We’ve done all the thinking, preparing and packing for you! Order online today!

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Should celebrities be enough reason for you to support social media for social good campaigns?

August 11, 2011

For a lot of people, it is easy to say “yes” to our question. Yes, celebrities are, more often than not, enough reason for people to support social media for social good campaigns. After all, these celebrities add credibility and pomp to the whole thing. Take the case of – it’s a campaign backed by Oscar Award winner Matt Damon. Leonardo DiCaprio, on the other hand, likes to support projects that have something to do with environmental stability and ecosystem protection. These big wig celebrities can easily use their star power to lure in not only generous donors but willing volunteers as well. With just a flash of their million watt smile, they can likely also lure in financial donations to the tune of millions of dollars.

However, going back to our original question, is celebrity power the only draw in order for people to support a cause? We’re tempted to say no. And here are our arguments:  First off, people still tend to support social media for social good campaigns if the campaign has a really good purpose and objective. Sure, a celebrity endorser might help, but really, this is just icing on the cake. At the end of the day, what still matters is the vision, mission and goal of the campaign. Everything will still boil down to what the campaign wants to do, create and perhaps change.

Secondly, by the name alone, social media for social good campaigns attract the web-savvy, gadget-crazy netizens of today. Ergo, there is a distinct target audience for these types of campaigns. So unless the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon are really adept with social media or social networking websites and can speak tags, links, “Plus 1,” “retweet” or “DM,” then social media for social good campaigns basically attract the netizens who pretty much would rather see Steve Jobs or a talking Angry Bird as spokesperson or endorser.

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Graphs show how China is comfortable with online retail

August 9, 2011

Two charts recently released by iResearch show the top 10 B2C platform market shares and top 10 B2C online retailer market shares in China for the second quarter of the year 2011. The graphs showed several facts and realities, two of which are: that Taobao Mall and 360Buy have the top 2 platform market shares and that 360Buy enjoys a pretty good share in the online retailer market (35.1% is not bad but this does not represent the majority or even half of the online retailer market share, obviously).

However, more than those two facts, the graphs released by iResearch shows a healthy and truly positive fact: that China is comfortable with online retail and/or online shopping. Truly, one can deduce that China is an online shopping paradise.

Case in point: Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. Edible Arrangements is a business in Hong Kong that is engaged in producing fresh fruit bouquets. These fruit bouquets are truly delicious and healthy and are arranged in such a way that even non-fruit lovers may be so tempted to try the pineapple daisies and chocolate dipped strawberries. Now, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong does not only allow the customers to come visit and order through their stores (they have two branches in Hong Kong) but their website also allows online shopping or online ordering. Individuals can order for fresh fruit bouquets through their website ( Business owners can also order for quick corporate giveaways through Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s website. A lot of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s customers do the online route since it’s not only hassle-free but the payment gateway is safe and secure. With the many orders coursed via online retail or online shopping, it truly shows how comfortable the Chinese people are with the idea of online retails. Truly, this alone proves that going digital or going online is the way to go!

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What is the best iPhone app for everyday use?

August 8, 2011

Admit it. If you’re a big iPhone user, chances are you have more than 20 iPhone apps. Chances are, these iPhone apps are mostly free to download while a few are paid and these are the ones that you really feel can be useful for you and your day to day activities.

However, if you really do the lowdown on this, you only get to use about 5 iPhone apps every single day. Is this fairly correct? More often than not, you only really get to use about 5 to 10 iPhone apps everyday and the rest remain stagnant and will only be used when 1) you get bored, 2) you remember that you have that app in the first place or 3) you need to update its version. Come on, admit it.

So the million dollar question now is — do you really need all of those iPhone apps? What is the best iPhone app for everyday use? Which iPhone apps should you get rid of? (If you really need to do this at all). The truth of the matter is, there is no fixed answer. To pick the best iPhone app would be like deciding between life and death. No, that was just an exaggeration. Kidding aside, it’s tricky to say whether a certain iPhone app is really indispensable or not. However, we can all be guided by certain factors. The first of which is if the app will make your life easier or not. Is it an app that will save you time? Will it be an app that will help you do your everyday tasks a little bit faster and a little bit easier? Also, is it user-friendly? Is it more focused on service and information instead of mere ads and commercial stuff? Once you have the answers to these questions all figured out then you will know if the app is worth saving on your precious iPhone or not. So let the decision making begin!

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