Where to find online consumers in China

August 1, 2011

Are you a businessman in China who wants to attract not only the Chinese consumers online but more importantly, the consumers who have the buying power? Do you want to know where to find online consumers in China? You might think that you know where and how to find them but if you consider the latest data gathered by Burson Marsteller China, you might just be in for a surprise.

According to BMChina’s latest gathered data on China’s top websites with the largest percentage reach, Baidu.com remains to be the top website in terms of percentage reach. Admittedly, no argue there. With a powerful 88.9 percent reach, Baidu remains a powerhouse. QQ, Taobo, Sina and Youku come next. Hence, if you want to reach out to consumers in China and you have a website, to submit your URL to these websites is definitely a great idea.

Now if you’re interested with what’s going on in the social media world, then you might be surprised to know that social networking website Sina Weibo is not the runaway winner after all. Interestingly, Renren has a bigger reach compared to Sina Weibo. Were you surprised as we were? The data gatherers had an explanation, though. Renren, apparently, had a bigger “population” compared to Sina Weibo. And we all know what that would entail — the bigger population, the better chance for you to tap more people. Hence, concentrating on Sina Weibo may no longer be a feasible idea these days. Still, you must consider that making a mark in other sites aside from Sina Weibo may also require the expertise of an established digital agency. By the way, other top social network players are QZone, Pengyou and Kaixin001.

In conclusion, if you want to reach out to online consumers in China and you want to know what they want, what they need or what they are looking for, then perhaps it’s high time that you divert some of your efforts to other social networking sites now. Don’t just concentrate on what you think or perceive is popular.

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