Why hotels must pump up their game

Hotels now must pump up their game. They must pump up their game so bad that if the owners or managers of these hotels are not the least bit in touch with the latest trends not only in business but in social media as well, they’d wake up one day and realize that they have just been left out.

No, we’re not saying this just to stir controversy. It’s a fact – a reality that hotel owners must face and must know how to face real soon. And the best example of this would be a company’s newly acquired investment of at least USD 112 Million. AirBnB is a San Francisco-based person to person room-apartment-house-rental startup. Apparently their idea is just too darn attractive and sellable that a lot of investors want in.

Let’s backtrack a little bit. As we all know, hotels lord over the hospitality sector. They play a huge role in the travel and tourism sector as well. However, things are changing and they’re changing really, really fast. These days, not only are hotels facing stiff competition from budget hostels, dormitories and inns (which of course usually offer rooms for lesser rates), they now face competition from an entirely new hospitality sector. Apparently, the “in thing” these days is booking rooms and flats – exactly what AirBnB is offering to their customers. While observers say that this scheme may not be for everyone and that it may take time for the idea to fly, there’s no saying that it won’t. And that’s what hotel owners must be wary of.

Perhaps it’s time for hotel owners to come up with better services, better amenities or maybe even partnerships with owners of apartments, houses, flats. The latter may be a long shot but with the fast changing demands of today’s web-savvy consumers, it wouldn’t hurt to explore more possibilities in order to stay on top of their game.

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