What is the best iPhone app for everyday use?

Admit it. If you’re a big iPhone user, chances are you have more than 20 iPhone apps. Chances are, these iPhone apps are mostly free to download while a few are paid and these are the ones that you really feel can be useful for you and your day to day activities.

However, if you really do the lowdown on this, you only get to use about 5 iPhone apps every single day. Is this fairly correct? More often than not, you only really get to use about 5 to 10 iPhone apps everyday and the rest remain stagnant and will only be used when 1) you get bored, 2) you remember that you have that app in the first place or 3) you need to update its version. Come on, admit it.

So the million dollar question now is — do you really need all of those iPhone apps? What is the best iPhone app for everyday use? Which iPhone apps should you get rid of? (If you really need to do this at all). The truth of the matter is, there is no fixed answer. To pick the best iPhone app would be like deciding between life and death. No, that was just an exaggeration. Kidding aside, it’s tricky to say whether a certain iPhone app is really indispensable or not. However, we can all be guided by certain factors. The first of which is if the app will make your life easier or not. Is it an app that will save you time? Will it be an app that will help you do your everyday tasks a little bit faster and a little bit easier? Also, is it user-friendly? Is it more focused on service and information instead of mere ads and commercial stuff? Once you have the answers to these questions all figured out then you will know if the app is worth saving on your precious iPhone or not. So let the decision making begin!

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