The emergency kit that will ease you from child-related headaches

August 12, 2011
It’s difficult to be a mom. It’s even more difficult if you’re a mom of a young child. At age 2 (the Terrible Two, as they say), a child becomes more active, more animated and, more often than not, more of a headache. Taking a small child around will not be an easy task and although a lot of mothers bring nannies around, let’s face it, not a lot can afford to hire help. So in times like going out of town for a quick weekend break, here’s something that mothers should bring — a child emergency kit!

With items inside the kit such as port a potty, collapsible cup, solar blanket, drinking water, apple cinnamon food bar, diapers, toilet chemicals and even toys, crayons and coloring book (to keep them busy while you attend to important things), this emergency kit can help keep you prepared just in case the small one starts to demand attention and care. A first aid kit, a poncho, towelettes and bar of soap are also included in this kit. You never know when you’ll need seemingly ordinary things like these! Believe us, it pays to be “fully armed” and “prepared” when it comes to children!

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