Top two things you must have during an emergency preparedness seminar

August 16, 2011
Are you planning to organize a disaster management or emergency preparedness seminar? Do you want to start an initiative whereby you want more people to understand the importance of being ready and prepared for disasters and being able to manage crisis better? Whether the attendees of your proposed seminar are relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbors, there are two things that you must have on hand during an emergency preparedness seminar. These are the Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Guide and the Emergency Preparedness DVD.

We all know that the Red Cross organization has done a lot for communities around the world in terms of crisis management, humanitarian missions, disaster relief and emergency preparedness. They’re practically the best authority when it comes to emergency response. Hence, the Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Guide is a must read. Have several copies ready for distribution to your seminar participants.

The Emergency Preparedness DVD, on the other hand, is a great tool. Your seminar attendees will be taught about various disasters including pandemics and hurricanes and they will be briefed on how to respond and keep more danger at bay. The DVD covers very helpful topics such as evacuation, terrorism and safety. Truly worth watching!

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