Easy long term food storage tips

We may not realize it but there are areas across the world where droughts, famines, ice storms and other natural disasters happen. These are instances whereby people would really need to not only have emergency kits, survival kits and disaster ready gear on hand but emergency food and emergency water as well. Needless to say, emergency food is very important for survival so here are easy long term food storage tips that you might want to remember:

First off, you must have proper containers if you want to store food. It is not advisable to use “recycled” materials especially those that are made out of plastic. This is because the plastic may have already accumulated molecules and these will only hasten the rotting process of food. As much as possible, use newly bought containers. It is also ideal for these containers to be made out of glass and that there should be accompanying caps or seals.

Secondly, be careful as to where you plan to store your food. Ideally, a place where there’s good room temperature is the best. If you have a well insulated pantry, well and good. Just make sure that the pantry is not that near your kitchen where the heat sources are. Now if you do not have a pantry but have a space that does not attract too much heat, then you can use that. You may even want to use the space under your bed if you really do not have any other choice.

Thirdly (and this is the most convenient tip!), why not purchase long term food supplies? Less hassle and definitely more convenient! You can buy long term food supplies from Survival-Goods.com. They sell simple and affordable ready made freeze dry and dehydrated meals. Survival-Goods.com sells 72 hour emergency entree kits to the 84 serving grab and go bucket. And you won’t believe what type of servings they have – from savory stroganoff to teriyaki and rice to pasta alfredo to crunchy granola to chili macaroni to apple cinnamon cereal! Your order may even qualify for free shipping! So who says long term food supplies don’t rock?

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