How the return of Wheel2Wheel founder Morgan Parker is also social media’s success

August 26, 2011

How fast time flies. It was not too long ago when Wheel2Wheel founder Morgan Parker embarked on a historical journey. A journey that was borne out of sheer passion to help others, a philanthropic journey that, truth be told, had the makings of a great reality adventure show – 25,000 kilometers, 125 days, 10 humanitarian causes – aboard a motorcycle, no less!

Now, he’s back. After a successful adventure aboard his trusty motorbike, and with generous support from sponsor Hudson, Morgan Parker received the ultimate red carpet treatment on August 23, 2011. He also shared some of his amazing stories from the road including the misadventures and trials. The event was also serve as a launch pad of sorts for the upcoming Wheel2Wheel TV series.

Do you know, though, that over and above the successful charity ride of Morgan Parker, over and above the adventure and the show of humanity and care for others, this event also signals the success of social media? It signals the success of technology, of cost-efficient advertising and advocacy channels, of people empowerment and of social good.

Social media has played, is playing and will for sure continue to play a great role in not only Morgan Parker’s recent successful motorcycle expedition but also in Wheel2Wheel’s operation.

Because of social media, the independent, non-profit organization now enjoys tremendous support and donations not only from individuals but from other groups and associations as well. Because of social media, Wheel2Wheel’s causes have been made known and through the easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient methods possible. Because of social media, people’s innate desire to help was ignited and it did not take long before they made Wheel2Wheel’s messages, videos, pictures and weblinks viral. Talk about free and easy advertising! Because of social media, Morgan Parker, his staff, supporters, fellow volunteers and partners have proven that there should never be any reason not to go out there and do your share.

Morgan Parker’s journey was a success, all right. Hands down. And social media was part of the entire adventure.

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