Social media mistakes small businesses should avoid

It’s easy for small businesses to be social media rockstars. Since social media is cheap (and in most cases, free) and readily available, small businesses can just tap social media and use it to their heart’s content. However, while it’s great that small businesses have begun to acknowledge the power of social media, there are also a couple of social media mistakes that these businesses should also try to avoid. These mistakes can easily be committed by anyone and, yes, by small businesses.

First social media mistake is not having the passion. Sure, it’s easy to just register or sign up, create a social media account, post a link to your company website and that’s it. Sure, you may have claimed your social media accounts and all other blogs but that does not mean that you can now just sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen. Social media marketing should be an ongoing campaign and if you or your employees do not have the sheer passion to interact with other people (especially target customers) online, then don’t even try to start at all. Leave the task to a reliable digital agency like PRDA Asia.

Second social media mistake is not offering something once in a while. Let’s face it, people like asking the “what’s in it for me” question. So why not give your online friends a little something once in a while? Take the case of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They create special fruit bouquets and their stores are becoming more and more popular among Hong Kong residents who want unique gift ideas. In order to thank their loyal customers, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong thought of starting a drawing contest for kids! It was a great way not only to promote their products but more importantly, to interact with their customers. In turn, the customers were pleased with the attention given to them so they themselves promote the business through their own social networks! Talk about great PR!

These are just two social media mistakes that must be avoided so that small businesses will not risk committing very critical and perhaps even expensive mistakes. Better re-assess your own small business now and see what you can do in order to keep these mistakes at bay.

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