More reasons for you to check out our “Favourites” section!

Shopping online can sometimes be challenging. Overwhelmed with style and value options plus the time it takes to filter through everything.

And because we here at Hocusadabra know how daunting the online shopping experience can be, we have not only come up with an easy to navigate, safe and secure web-store — we have even come up with a “Favourites” section that makes things uber-easy for our favourite shoppers!

The “Favourites” section of our website features products that we highly recommend you check out. These are literally our favourite products. Some are BPA-free, others are made by our favourite artists or designers. These products are made by entities that actually have the initiative and the heart (and the commendable sense of social responsibility, truth be told!) to produce only safe and quality products that are free from harmful materials and ingredients — and that alone deserves our attention, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Some of the items found in our “Favourites” section: lovely organic bamboo hand printed baby wrap from Australia, BPA-free pizza parlor from our beloved Green Toys, our famous chalkboard paint, Natural dough, Chinese Checkers and the coolest bed linen!

So check out our “Favourites” section now. You can access it here:

Our official Hocusadabra store is safe and secure and we accept credit card and Paypal payments. Order your BPA-free products online today! We deliver anywhere on the planet!

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