Three things you can do to make Halloween extra special!

October 13, 2011

With Halloween fast approaching, you should really come up with new, good, cool and really fun ideas to make your Halloween celebration this year extra special! Here are three easy to follow things you can do to keep your Halloween party guests happy. Let them praise your party organizing skills with these helpful tips:

1. Ask your guests to come in their coolest Halloween costumes. Or better yet, ask them to come in new and preferably handmade Halloween costumes. While it’s all right if they come in rented costumes, your party and your guests will be more entertained and amused if they also come in handmade, hand sewn or original costumes. These costumes can be conversational pieces themselves! The guests can mix and mingle and ask each other how they came up with the costumes and if there’s a story behind them. Most of the time, Halloween party guests choose costumes that either represent a childhood memory or a favorite cartoon character.

2. Come up with great Halloween-related parlor games. Personalize these parlor games. If you want to do something like Pictionary, perhaps you can use trivia that have something to do with Halloween or with some of your selected guests. You can also give away Halloween themed prizes during these parlor games.

3. Serve unique yet very delicious fresh fruit arrangements. Or better yet, serve Halloween fruit baskets made by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. They have just announced their new Halloween creations which are all fun, creative and definitely saliva – inducing! Check out their new Halloween creations over at The Halloween fruit basket collection include the Black Cat Bouquet with half dipped strawberries, the Black Cat Bouquet, the Batty Bouquet and the Batty Bouquet with half of the strawberries dipped in chocolate. All these Halloween themed fresh fruit arrangements will definitely add more “spooky” feel to your Halloween party!

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