Join the Hocusadabra – Makedo Cup Critter workshops

November 30, 2011

Dubbed as the “Lego of a new generation,” the Makedo Cup Critter kits are some of Hocusadabra’s best selling products. And there’s no surprise there, truth be told. After all, Makedo, which originates from Australia, encourages children to exercise their imagination and creativity plus it urges kids and parents alike to see potential and possibility — even of things that people might already consider as just mere waste.

Now, in an effort to further introduce the multi-award winning Makedo connector system to more kids especially in Hong Kong, Hocusadabra and Makedo have teamed up and have organized several Makedo Cup Critter workshops. During these workshops, children will be taught how to connect packing remnants commonly found in the home – from boxes to plastic containers to fabric scraps – in order to make cool, “new” things such as creatures, cars, play spaces and more.

Admission to these workshops is free. For inquiries, you can send an email to

In the meantime, get your own Makedo Cup Critters now! There are three variations of this product available at our online store. We have the Makedo Cup Critters Cow – Rooster set, the Chimp – Rabbit set and the Penguin – Hippo set. Each kit comes with enough parts and easy to follow instructions in order to make two different animals from the cups.

See you at the workshops!

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SilverBlack Card announces special Edible Arrangements Hong Kong promo

November 30, 2011

It’s Hong Kong elite’s most preferred lifestyle and privilege card and now it has a special tie-up with another Hong Kong favorite – Edible Arrangements. SilverBlack Card has an Edible Arrangements Hong Kong promotion whereby the benefits for the cardholder would include free upgrades.

For any orders of fresh fruit arrangements regular size and above, these will be upgraded for free to a larger size or cardholders can avail of a 10 percent off regular price for any fruit bouquets or box order. Another benefit would be a free upgrade to a “birthday bouquet container” and one “Happy Birthday” iron balloon whenever the cardholder orders during his or her birthday month.

How’s that for a special treat from two of Hong Kong’s top brands?

SilverBlack Card is a personalized membership card program. With its annual fee pegged at only HK $880, SilverBlack Card is the most preferred privilege card program given the many benefits that the cardholder can avail of.

Meanwhile, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is the most preferred store for affordable and unique fresh fruit arrangements. This Christmas, holiday shopping has been made easier with the launch of various promos over at EA.

For orders, you can call Edible Arrangements at +852 2385 0158 or log on to

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Spending Christmas Eve in Macau? Banyan Tree Macau know a 5 course dinner you will enjoy

November 29, 2011

Macau is one of the most bustling cities in Asia. With so much to offer in terms of tourism, culture, food and even shopping, Macau is one of the most preferred places to spend special holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

A crossroad for Eastern and Western cultures, Macau, promises to be the perfect host on Christmas Eve. What better way to spend Christmas Eve, after all, than in a place that has neon lights, excitement, sophistication, excellent customer service and great dining and accommodation choices?

And what better way to celebrate Christmas Eve in Macau than to partake in an tailor made 5 course dinner at one of the most renowned dining restaurants in Macau — Banyan Tree Macau’s Belon.

Come Christmas Eve, Belon will be the place to be on Christmas Eve with epicurean delights such as smoked Foie Gras with beetroot marmalade, truffle caviar, green apple and micro herbs; coconut veloute, lemongrass cured lobster and lime leaf mushroom tart; nam pla risotto, crispy fried baby fish and abalone; Chilean sea bass, smoked bacon puree, Alaskan King crab and melt in your mouth desserts such as dark chocolate with a Thai twist, chocolate and cream cheese palette and handmade praline and petit fours, the Belon 5-course Christmas Eve dinner will be the toast of the city.

Rates start at MOP888+ per person for the 5 course menu (MOP1,188+ if with wines) and MOP988+ per person for the full menu (MOP1,388+ if with wines).

Contact Belon at Banyan Tree Macau today to make reservations. This is one dinner you should not miss.

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Quick checklist for a winter wedding in a country without winter!

November 24, 2011

So you want to have a winter theme for your own wedding but it seems you’re having second thoughts because, after all, you’re in a country that does not have a winter season! Do you continue with the plan or do you just forego it? How easy is it to have a winter wedding theme anyway?

Here’s a quick and easy to follow checklist for you to consider and to really see that it does not require you to learn rocket science before you can pull something like this off!

First of all, you must know what goes well with your entire motif. Do you have a white wedding dress? Do you like silver and white or would you like to celebrate the festive season with reds and greens? These colors, after all, signify the winter season and you might need to use these. Golds and ecrus are also encouraged.

Secondly, a winter wedding does not necessarily mean that you have to bring poinsettias to the altar as your bridal bouquet. Red roses and calla lillies, which are incidentally abundant in Asia, will do. See if you have a ready supplier for these.

Thirdly, a wedding cake with loads of red, green and perhaps gold ribbons will fit really well within your wedding theme plan. You can also lace it with something white – perhaps a fondant ribbon along the edges. For your winter wedding cake to have a cleaner look, it’s always best to use fondant instead of the usual basic powdered sugar frosting.

Finally, be sure to have a wedding dress that will fit the winter wedding theme. For suggestions, you might want to visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong at A fur coat to keep you from the cold may be optional.

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Celebrate Christmas Eve in Glittering Macau

November 22, 2011

Located on the ground floor of Banyan Tree Macau lies a foodie heaven – the type of place where you are meant to celebrate Christmas Eve! On the 24th December celebrate Christmas Eve in glittering Macau with a delectable Thai Christmas Buffet at Saffron, Banyan Tree Macau’s world class restaurant specialising in Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine.  

The chefs at Saffron promise only the most succulent dishes during Christmas Eve. The lavish Thai buffet will feature only the most authentic, flavorful dishes. There will also be a green papaya salad live station, Cheese station and a BBQ live station. A variety of hot dishes including Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (green chicken curry), Goong Phad Med Mamuang (wok fried prawns with cashew nuts), Moo Ob Num Phueng (roasted pork ribs w/ honey) and more! An abundance of fresh seafood will also be available for seafood lovers at Saffron’s Christmas Eve Dinner buffet.  

Saffron is inspired by the art of traditional Thai cuisine. Located within a sophisticated and elegant setting in the heart of Banyan Tree Macau, Saffron is fast becoming a favourite amongst foodies ever since it opened a few weeks ago. It’s now the most preferred restaurant when it comes to authentic Thai cuisine.  

Siamese-style buffet dinner on Christmas Eve is priced at MOP598. Treat your loved ones to a Christmas Eve dinner that they will never forget.

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Christmas items that can be passed down from one generation to another

November 18, 2011

It happens all the time – we buy Christmas decors, trinkets, gifts and the like, we use them or give them away and they only usually last for a good year (or even less) and then we do the same routine. Buy, use, buy, use. Over and over. It’s already an endless cycle – which is a pity, really, since Christmas need not be commemorated with expensive things. The simpler, the more meaningful, the better.

Now if you want to buy affordably priced Christmas decorations that can actually be passed down from one generation to another, then we have good news for you. carries two beautiful Christmas sets that you and your family will love. These can even make absolutely great gifts!

First – the wooden Merry Christmas Decorative Block Set. Designed in Grand Rapids, Michigan Basswood, the Merry Christmas Decorative Block Set items are both handmade and are made from embossed Michigan basswood. These are sustainable decoration for Christmas, too, as you can use the blocks year after year. All 14 blocks are painted with non toxic ink, the wooden Merry Christmas Decorative Block Set are suited for kids 2 years of age and above.

The second great Christmas gift idea we would like to share with you is the wooden Nativity Set. Also handmade and carved from maple, oak, birch or beech wood, there are 8 items included in this set. With the items found in this set, you can retell the story of Christmas to your kids. The set is complete – you have Mary, Joseph, the 3 wise men, an Angel and Baby Jesus in his manger.

See both of these sets on You can order online through their safe and secure payment gateway and they can arrange for deliveries anywhere.

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Save on Christmas treats when you buy from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong today!

November 17, 2011

Christmas holidays need not spell “expensive”! In fact, did you know that you can actually SAVE UP this Christmas? All you have to do is avail of the ultra exciting Early Bird Specials promo by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong!

For orders of fresh fruit bouquets from November 1 to 30, 2011, you can avail of discounts of up to 20 percent. These fresh fruit arrangements just need to fall within a price range. The bigger your fruquet, the bigger discounts! For instance, you can save 10 percent if you order a fresh fruit bouquet that’s priced between HK $588 and $1188. Meanwhile, you can avail of a 15 percent discount for fruquets priced between HK $1189 and $1888. Now if you order a fruit bouquet that’s priced HK $1889 or greater – you get a really cool 20 percent discount! How’s that for discounts?

When you place your order until November 30, 2011, your Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet will be delivered between December 10, 2011 and December 31, 2011. So as you can see, your stunning fruit arrangements will arrive just in time for your Christmas gatherings.

To give you an idea of what you can order from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, why not try the Very Merry Festival with half the strawberries dipped in chocolate? This will really brighten up any Christmas party! The Honey Bear Bouquet is also a great giveaway for dear friends who have made you smile this year! Lastly, the Harvest Festival with half the strawberries dipped in chocolate is a runaway winner!


Visit the official Edible Arrangements Hong Kong website today and order your fruquet. Be your very own Santa by ordering these fun and stunning fresh fruit arrangements!

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Two collections hailed during the New York Bridal Fashion Week 2012

November 16, 2011

Two collections made quite the splash during the 2012 New York Bridal fashion week. First was the 2012 David Fielden collection and the other one was the 2012 Rivini collection. The dresses from both collections virtually colored the runway during the New York Bridal Fashion Week 2012 — much to the delight not only of the potential customers but of the industry buyers and even fellow fashion designers as well.

The David Fielden 2012 collection was praised for their “romantic, contemporary designs and high fashion appeal.” Known to be a certified, hands down trend setter when it comes to bridal gown design, David Fielden surprised fashion pundits with wedding gowns that had high neck designs, seventies inspired billowing sleeves, nipped in waists, wide leg jumpsuits and even loads of fabric petals that almost covered the entire gown. The new David Fielden collection served as a welcome breather especially for brides who may have wanted to opt for something different and truly modern — not just the same old wedding gown that has been sashayed along too many wedding aisles.   The designs truly reflect Fielden’s design philosophy, which is to “never be subjected by the limitations of tradition”.

Another bridal gown collection that caught a lot of people’s fancy was the Rivini collection. The designer behind Rivini, Rita Vinieris, chose to be a little playful with the colors of the wedding gowns this time. There were gowns in ecru, ivory and dirty white. Still, the trademark simplicity but masterful design and design execution made the Rivini bridal collection 2012 a delight to watch. There was a fit and flair organza gown in elderberry which would be absolutely perfect for the bride who values romance and her femininity. There was also a show stopping silk organza ball gown style with endless layers of silk organza and pleated tulle that is perfect for the girl who wants to walk down the aisle with drama and flair.

Truly, these two collections were, are and will continue to be the toast of the wedding industry for months. HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carries David Fielden and Rivini wedding dresses. Visit their official website today to set an appointment.

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Inventory Management Software and Business Smartphone Options

November 15, 2011

If you own a business, you have to do quite a bit more than simply sit in front of a computer day in and day out. Unfortunately, a lot of your time is probably used up in meetings with employees and clients and doing every other thing you need to do in your personal and professional life. This leaves little time for integral duties like managing your company’s cash flow. Keeping tabs on your accounts receivable and payable activity and monitoring your inventory can be really difficult if you’re dashing around town all day trying to get other things done for the business. Luckily, there’s no need to lug your laptop around or frenetically search for a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. You can run a lot of your business from your smartphone. Specifically, you can manage your company’s cash flow with inventory management software and apps for your phone.

To properly manage your company’s cash flow, you have to pay very close attention to your company’s accounts receivable. You should try to keep tabs on which of your customers pay in a timely fashion and which ones don’t. Additionally, you should keep track of which customers still owe you money. To monitor your customers’ payment habits, you can make an aging report on Microsoft Excel. You can view and update the report from your smartphone with an app like Documents to Go. Documents to Go and other similar apps give you access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Access from your phone as well, which can help you out with your other
professional duties as well.

Establishing an accounts payable system that works for your company is essential. You have to ensure that you don’t end up having to pay suppliers when you have insufficient funds to do so. Generally, you should wait as long as feasible to make payments to your suppliers. Rather than sending a payment in the mail several days before a deadline, set up an electronic funds transfer option at your bank. You can make electronic funds transfers to your suppliers on the same day a payment is due. Most banks have mobile banking, and you can make electronic funds transfers from your smartphone when you need to pay your suppliers.

A significant portion of your company’s cash is frequently tied up in inventory. Try to monitor your inventory as much as possible. You can do so easily with inventory management software. Look for cloud software you can use from your smartphone. Once you have the software up and running, you’ll be able to monitor all your goods in progress, finished products, and raw materials. Additionally, you will always know which products are selling well and which are not. This will help you figure out what to order more of in the future. Since an increasing number of suppliers are doing business on the cloud, you may be able to order some of your materials from your phone as well.

Stop rushing back to your office to manage your cash flow. With apps and software, you can run practically your whole business from your phone!

Fine dining in Macau

November 14, 2011

History cannot pinpoint exactly when and how fine dining came to be but research indicates that forks, which are now part of almost every Western meal, were used in the beginning of the 17th century. One can therefore probably deduce that fine dining also started to evolve at the time. Today, fine dining is not only a form or method of dining but an experience.

While it is true that in Macau there many restaurants to choose from offering a wide variety cuisine, diners are becoming increasingly discerning, now true fine dinning combines not only delicious food prepared by the best chefs but also an exquisite setting.

Enter Belon, Banyan Tree Macau’s signature restaurant which offers nothing short of an amazing culinary experience.

Named after Brittany’s famous delicacy and located on the 31st floor of Banyan Tree Macau, Belon does not only offer fine dining at its best but it serves it with breathtaking panoramic views over Cotai. Belon fine dining restaurant has been designed to evoke an aquatic environment, with the luxuriously immersive experience, beginning from the moment of arrival.

Fast gaining reputation as Macau’s best fine dining restaurant, Belon is a Classical European Grill that offers premium seafood. And by premium, we mean premium – Norwegian salmon, Chilean sea bass, Dover sole and, to the excitement of foodies, Maine lobster. While waiting for the main course, diners can enjoy the freshest oysters, caviar, lobster bisque and duck foie gras. The grill master also offers prime USDA, Alberta and Australian Wagyu steaks – a delight for meat lovers across the globe. Customers can also have their share of baby pork ribs, Dutch veal rib and NZ lamb rack and some specialties can even be prepared “table side” for an interesting interactive culinary experience. Meals at Belon are capped with the most luxurious desserts that even the most discerning foodie will enjoy.

Belon fine dining restaurant is open for dinner daily (closed every Tuesday) from 6 PM until late. Come and experience true fine dining.

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