Spending Christmas Eve in Macau? Banyan Tree Macau know a 5 course dinner you will enjoy

Macau is one of the most bustling cities in Asia. With so much to offer in terms of tourism, culture, food and even shopping, Macau is one of the most preferred places to spend special holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

A crossroad for Eastern and Western cultures, Macau, promises to be the perfect host on Christmas Eve. What better way to spend Christmas Eve, after all, than in a place that has neon lights, excitement, sophistication, excellent customer service and great dining and accommodation choices?

And what better way to celebrate Christmas Eve in Macau than to partake in an tailor made 5 course dinner at one of the most renowned dining restaurants in Macau — Banyan Tree Macau’s Belon.

Come Christmas Eve, Belon will be the place to be on Christmas Eve with epicurean delights such as smoked Foie Gras with beetroot marmalade, truffle caviar, green apple and micro herbs; coconut veloute, lemongrass cured lobster and lime leaf mushroom tart; nam pla risotto, crispy fried baby fish and abalone; Chilean sea bass, smoked bacon puree, Alaskan King crab and melt in your mouth desserts such as dark chocolate with a Thai twist, chocolate and cream cheese palette and handmade praline and petit fours, the Belon 5-course Christmas Eve dinner will be the toast of the city.

Rates start at MOP888+ per person for the 5 course menu (MOP1,188+ if with wines) and MOP988+ per person for the full menu (MOP1,388+ if with wines).

Contact Belon at Banyan Tree Macau today to make reservations. This is one dinner you should not miss.

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