HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong shares a quick and easy wedding destination checklist

So you were proposed to, you said yes and now you can’t wait to get hitched! Since you’ve always wanted to exchange your “I do’s” at a wedding destination, you now need to prepare for what could be your own version of an epic, romantic wedding at some luxurious country or beautiful resort or lush garden. Whatever and wherever your preferred wedding destination is, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has a few quick and easy tips for you as the blushing bride to be to keep in mind:

1. Check your budget. A lot of excited brides often think that they should go all-out for their weddings. Prudent brides, on the other hand, would rather focus on the marriage that will come after the wedding. So you might want to breathe a little bit and think about the money that you will spend for your wedding. Make sure that you have a budget. If you can well afford a wedding in Italy, then go for it.

2. Check the weather. You might be so hyped up over the thought of having a wedding at exotic Bora Bora but you might have chosen a month when most typhoons or rains occur. Hence, best if you check the weather, seasons or at least the most ideal months to have a wedding at your preferred wedding destination.

3. Float the idea of your wedding destination among family and friends. Unless you only want the two of you to be present at your wedding day, of course it will be nice to see family and friends during your big day. Ask if they’re willing to travel all the way to your preferred wedding destination. Ask for feedback.

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