Social Media in Asia

Believe it or not, Asia is now the place to go to if you need to be talked about on Twitter. Asia is the place to contract people in if you want your Facebook Page to literally be full of messages, comments and “likes.” And it’s really not difficult to explain exactly why. Simply put – Asia is where the action is. With 909,000,000 Internet users across Asia alone and with 750,000,000 of those using social media, you know that Asia is the social media lord. It’s where social media is happening. Big time.

Recent studies even show that as much as 81 percent of Asia’s top brands use social media. This means that not only do top brands believe in the power of social media but consumers themselves also engage in social media and believe in what they can come across via social media.

This is pretty much a giant step forward especially for companies that used to strictly stick to traditional methods of promotion, marketing, branding and advertising. This is also welcome news for consumers who are now undoubtedly more engaged in social networking these days and who would rather see (and even buy) their preferred brands online. This also means that consumers are now open to the possibility of them being “ambassadors” of sorts of their preferred brands — e.g. if they see something good from their brand, they would not hesitate to share it with others via social media.

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