Great gift ideas for you to kickstart the New Year!

And it’s finally 2012! A brand new year, a fresh new start! And what better way to say hello to 2012 than by buying two great products from Hocusadabra? Mind you, these are not just any kinds of products. These are products that will for sure delight your little tots!

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive the Kids World Party CD? Every child loves world music. Feed their passion and fondness for this kind of music by buying this Kids World Party CD. The CD (which comes in a cardboard case, by the way) features Putumayo music which is guaranteed to make everyone feel good. What’s also great about every purchase of this special CD is that 7 percent of the proceeds goes to Amnesty International.

Another great gift idea is The Giving Tree book, which you can easily buy online through our store. The Giving Tree is a classic that depicts the unconditional love between a tree and a boy. You can read this beautiful story to your kids before bed time and you may even be able to stir up his or her imagination and inquisitive mind. The book is available in hardbound version, black and white.

So are you ready to face the new year? Arm yourself with these two great products and you will be at your most ready! Visit today and order online. Shipping options are available for just about anyone around the world!

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