Let your child decide what to do with the Bilibo!

January 30, 2012

Ever heard of a toy that comes with no instructions at all? A toy that does not have any how-to’s but instead lets the child who receives it decide what to do with it? Now if that piqued your curiosity, then be baffled no more!

Presenting the Bilibo – a product designed in Basel by a young Swiss designer named Alex Hochstrasser. The Bilibo was made possible via a collaboration between Hochstrasser and the Head of the Department for Growth and Development at the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich. And yes, it looks pretty interesting.

Hocusadabra met with Hochstrasser and we can definitely say that he’s quite an inspiration.

The Bilibo, Hochstrasser’s masterpiece, is made from high density polyethylene. Hocusadabra.com currently has the mini and the standard versions available. The Bilibo Mini comes in various colors while the standard Bilibo comes in pink, blue, red and yellow. And the magnificent thing about all of this is that the Bilibo is currently 25 percent off!

So order yours today at www.hocusadabra.com (Enter CNY25 at the checkout) – don’t wait, just do it – place an order and heave a sigh of relief! This is one purchase you will surely be thankful for!

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