A Gift Of Time and Convenience From Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

May 22, 2012

With such busy lifestyles, convenience is perhaps one of the most important things people look for when it comes to planning a party. Anything that can make party planning easier and give the gift of a little more time is a definite plus. With that in mind, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong makes it easy for anyone to host a special event.

The age of spending a big chunk of your time preparing for a party and making sure the table is filled with do-it-yourself party treats is over. It has become easy for someone living a fast-paced, metropolitan lifestyle with the help of Edible Arrangements. Part of their mission is to offer an easier way to prepare for a celebration that can save everyone an ample amount of time through uniquely carved arrangements of fruit baskets and bouquets.

Now, with regards to this season of fun, sun and sand, a variety of their Edible Arrangements’ new tropical collection fruit bouquets can provide for both an exclusive event or a even huge summer beach party. Although a busy work schedule can always cause you to miss out on some summer fun, Edible Arrangements will conveniently bring the tropics to you and let you party with their newest Tropical Island™ Dipped Strawberries, Bananas and Oranges.

Place your orders and let Edible Arrangements assure you of a unique and impressive party celebration of any kind. All you have to do is pick them up at one of their locations in Hong Kong nearest you. Order in advance, and Edible Arrangements will be happy to deliver for you! Not having enough time or even the energy to organize a party for loved ones does not mean you care for them any less. It only means that with Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, you’d get to spend more time and enjoy with that one person you arranged the party for!

Visit one of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s many locations and order a fruitquet for your loved one today! You can also place an order over the phone at 852-2385-0158 or visit them online.

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Offers for Facebook Timeline Can Help Increase PRDA Client Sales

May 13, 2012

Social Media Provider PRDA is always up to date on new tools to help clients increase sales and fan growth. Just last week, Facebook added a new tool for business pages called “Offers.” Facebook Offers is located on the main timeline page for your business, right where you post your status. Just click on the plus where it says “Offer, Event +” and add a deal for your customers!

Facebook is making big headway when it comes to supporting business big and small. With Facebook Offers, you can provide your customers discounts and deals without the hassle of clipping coupons, and in a way that they will understand in a technologically advanced world. PRDA will be offering this service to their clients as soon as Facebook makes it available for every single business page; however, for now it is still in beta, which means a limited number of pages have access to it.

So how will PRDA make the most of Facebook Offers? By including strong headers, we’ll attract clients to view your offer. We will supplement our headlines with bold photos that work well as thumbnails because they will be displayed small. Most importantly, each offer will be unique to the business and product. PRDA knows their clients well, and we’ll be sure to design offers specifically for your target audience.

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Travel the globe with Moët Hennessy Wines!

May 11, 2012


The United States, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain and Australia are all locations where Moët Hennessy vineyards can be found. Wine lovers from across the globe recognise the distinct quality of wines originating from these diverse regions. Let us give you an insight in to the various wines, their global locations and what it is that helps to make these distinct and captivating flavours.

A popular Moët Hennessy wine is the deep red, full-bodied, fruity blend of Cabernet Merlot produced by Cape Mentelle. They take advantage of the rich terrain surrounding Australia’s Margaret River, which help make both Cape Mentelle and Moët Hennessy renowned worldwide. Another example, equally as deep and sumptuous is the amazing concoction of blueberries and mulberries combined with the spicy freshness of nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper found in the 2012 Shiraz.

As a pioneer in new wine producing concepts and techniques, Moët Hennessy has teamed up with Argentina’s Bodegas Chandon to produce Terrazas de los Andes. The wines from this area achieve their distinct taste thanks to the altitude and high-elevation of their vineyards. Afincado in particular is one of the highest quality wines produced in Argentina, with an intense, full-bodied flavour complemented by its consistent fruity aroma. The wine is carefully produced in restricted amounts and only exceptional years go on to be retailed, making it one of the best luxury wines offered by a Moët Hennessy Wine Estate.

With such an array of flavours and locations, why not travel the world with Moët Hennessy Wines and discover your favorite?

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HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong – Be Nice To Your Friends

May 11, 2012

The bride and groom are undoubtedly the center of attention in every wedding celebration; all eyes are mostly on the couple. Needless to say, there are other people who enhance the wedding atmosphere by making it more colorful, lively, and sensational — the lovely bridesmaids!  HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has an endless collection focusing on contemporary and chic bridesmaids dresses.

The purpose of a bridesmaid’s gown is to complement the bride’s exceptionally unique bridal gown. Therefore, it must be created with the same class, elegance, and beauty that is present on the wedding gown itself. So be nice to your friends – no more frumpy and ugly dresses for your bridesmaids.  HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has successfully gathered prominent designers to bring out a huge selection of the most impeccable designs for the bride and her bridal party to choose from including Lela Rose Bridesmaids and the Dessy Collection.

Just about every type of vibrant color, size, and style that you can imagine for a bridesmaid’s dress is available at the newly reopened HITCHED! Bridal store. Chiffon, satin, and georgette are only a few varieties of carefully chosen fabrics that will give the dress its exceptional character and exquisite value.  There are so many styles available in so many different colors and fabrics that the bride can pick a color and fabric and dress each bridesmaid in a different style.

Any bride will confident with beautiful bridesmaids surrounding her wearing the best, most radiant gowns. Take some time to visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong and witness for yourself the long line of bridesmaids dresses displayed for your choosing!

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Building a Positive and Lasting Impression With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

May 2, 2012


“First Impressions last.” This is probably one of the most common phrases that anybody in all corners of the world is familiar with. Why? Because it’s true! It actually exists in every aspect of our everyday lives. Whatever it is that we do, it will always impact someone else. That’s what makes Edible Arrangements so unique! They help bring out an absolute and lasting impression both to the giver and the receiver of their hand-sculpted gift arrangements and and chocolate-dipped fruit concepts.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, as well as all their other stores worldwide, has the similar goal of creating and presenting each arrangement as perfect as it should be to impress and produce that “WOW!” look on every customer’s face. It may sound simple, but once you see even just one of their fruit bouquet arrangements, like this newest Black Cat Bouquet with half dipped strawberries, you’ll soon realize the immense and devoted effort they put into creating something so perfect!

Who wouldn’t be impressed upon receiving something like 2 dozen Berry Chocolate Roses in Semi Sweet Chocolate? It only says one thing about the person who gives you an Edible Arrangements dipped fruit box – he or she thinks you’re as special, sweet, and perfect as each of those meticulously arranged chocolate-dipped fruit pieces right in front of you.

Simply put, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong offers the convenience of giving a unique gift that still clearly expresses our ultimate love, respect and appreciation to that significant someone, despite our hectic lifestyles and all other engagements with work and family.

Visit one of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s many locations and order a fruitquet for your loved one today! You can also place an order over the phone at 852-2385-0158 or visit them online.

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